19 Arrsers Online With 68 Guests

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Travis_Bickle, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. FFS,

    If we're interesting to watch then we're interesting enough to talk to.
    Stop being a voyeur and sign up.

  2. I wonder if all the slagging of on supposedly serious sections is deterring visitors :?
  3. That's why I put this here.

    I joined years ago (getting misty eyed) when the site was full of banter and you could find sound advice when you needed it.
    I fear that things have changed for the worst!
    I've neglected my duties as an arrser during the last few months (blocked by the cnuts that own my work domain), during my transition from soldier to veteran and so my eye has been of the subjects dear to my heart.
  4. I like your helmet, TB
  5. Are you Jarrod? :-D
  6. Now, that is exactly the sort of abuse I can do without. Are you Bigbird?
  7. :D fuck off.
    I don't know how to stop the arrse police deleting my sweary bits even after all this time.

    I'm male and got a 32 waist!
  8. big hairy Fanny
  9. Is that a statement or a question?
  10. That`s information I don`t want or need . Fuck of to a gay site, or put the puter down and walk round to your usual public toilet>
  11. Thanks.

    Don't need either of those.

    Just fed up of this being the same people talking on here and 3 or 4 times as many people reading what we say.

    If it's good enough to read what we say then bloody reply, we only bite when you come on here with shite.
  12. its a whatever you make off it. Arrse is either such a wealth of information or a place to let off steam. In theory its like a big hairy fanny. its what you make off it. Shave off the rough bits to make it pretty or take it for face value for what it is. End of the day its always gonna be there if you leave it long enough, you may not like the response but its more or less going to happen.
  13. Listen mate.

    I'm not surprised by anything on here to be honest.

    I'm just sick of tosspots sittings on the sidelines, reading but not contributing to our site.

    I know it's what we make it, but I can't make it on enough to make an impact.
  14. TB, it might have something to do with the fact that most are in la la land, sleeping, but I do take your point :)
  15. Its nearly nearly always the same people on here every night, but you can guarantee a good proportion of watchers throughout the day too.

    There are loads who could should members but don't take the plunge and join.

    If you don't join after a week a being on the sidelines then you should fcuk offf.