19 Air Asslt Squadron

Was wondering, what is 19 sqn like and what sort of stuff do they do. I know a few people being posted here and to 23 squadron. Do Airborne soldiers get posted to 19?
Cheers mate but that is only about 16cs in general. I'm more interested about the squadron speciffically and if its better than 23 sqn, and the differences.
depends on what you do. Better than 23? Depends on whether your 23 sqn or not doesn't it. However, there will not be many differences in Helmand next year

Should I mention that 181 sqn won the tri-sqn stretcher race?! :wink:
Is there anyone else who has served at this unit recently and could tell me what the squadrons are like and how they differ cos there's fuck all on the intranet.
have a look at the thread I have posted above and PM a bloke called Karabina. He will give you the full breakdown of what you want to know

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