18yrs Old School leavers.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. With the impending raise in the age of leaving school, how is it going to effect the Armed Forces?

    I have several thoughts on the matter even though it may not happen while im in the green suit.

    1. Will the forces raise the lower age limit of joining up in line with leaving school? Most applicants would then be around 18-19 years of age older more mature possibly/possibly not.

    2. Would it be worth while bringing back Junior leaders for 16-18 year olds? This would ensure we get the standard of educated and trained soldiers that we require, no more need for numeracy and literacy lessons at the AEC.

    Any more thoughts on this matter?
  2. We could expand the army foundation college (juniors) and it then takes students from all these pre forces course that are now run. Or we could give greater support to the colleges so that the students are more capable (Fit) when they join. The only real difference is that the army will not be paying them until they are of an age when they can deploy.
  3. I may be wrong but the raising of the school leaving age won't be strictly applied to schools. It seems that the plan is that youngsters cannot leave 'education' until they hit 18. This includes tertiary colleges and probably any course which can qualify as education, include hopefully things like Army Apprentice Colleges.

    In effect this may mean that we get a better choice of youngsters as they can't simply bog off to work for minimum wage with no training when they hit 16, but will be compelled to seek a formally recognised course of education/training.

    If the German system of apprenticeships, although not compulsory, is anything to go by; we should end up with a more skilled and professional workforce. Of course on the other hand many will treat the extra 2 years like the rest of their school time and we will just have delayed the inevitable.
  4. Shouldn't affect juniors as long was they a guaranteed place at the army foundation college then they should be allowed to go however if they decide to leave then back to school for them.
    As for expanding were could you have them stationed? No real viable camp to put them in now the vacant RAF are earmarked for units returning from BFG and the rest sold off and I cant see the MoD rushing out to build any new ones as they cant maintain the ones they currently have
  5. More PFI will be the answer, just like the crap they have at the AFC right now. The whole place run and maintained by civvies with, on the most part, no flexibility or cooperation with the Mil Staff (not to mention no sense of humour!). Also, the MoD pays through the nose for it and gets more ripped off every day! NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD!