18th June - Waterloo Day

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by whiffler, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. To anyone who needs an excuse for an ale today - remember Napoleon (loser), but more especially Wellington and Blucher.

    And the blokes ..... the utter carnage. For donkies' years many sets of dentures used teeth recovered from the corpses, indeed such sets were known as "Waterloo teeth".

    “Now Maitland. Now’s your time”.
  2. maybe someone should bump the "british vs French" thread today :D
  3. "La garde recule. Sauve qui peut!"
  4. Merde alors !
  5. Cheers!

    The French attack Hougoumont...

    'A gigantic subaltern named Legros - nicknamed 'The Smasher' stove in a panel of the great north door and followed by a handful of wildly cheering men, dashed into the courtyard.

    Pandemonium broke out. The defenders slashed and hewed at the invaders in desperate hand-to-hand duels. But the real thing was to prevent any more of the enemy from entering the yard. Five powerful Coldstreamers - Macdonnell, three other officers and a sergeant - threw themselves bodily against the huge door and slowly, slowly, by main force pushed it back against the pressure outside. This done they turned their attention to the invaders...

    'The success of the battle of Waterloo depended on the closing of the gates at Hougoumont' So said Wellington afterwards.'


    La Garde Recule!
  6. Not exactly

    "La garde meurt mais ne se rend pas"
  7. I read somewhere that this was a later embellished version of the original, which was the French response to a question as to whether they would surrender. The answer was simply;


    (I'm not saying that this is correct, only that I read it.)
  8. Le mot de Cambronne
  9. .... and from this site

    I believe this resulted in headlines of "Mutiny among the troops" in Ye Sun
  10. Excellent lines and what a great spirit it showed.
  11. Not forgetting what Napoleon said about those terrible "chevaux gris" - or whatever he did say in Frogese. :D
  12. Hougoumont was critical, but so was the arrival of the Prussians and the existence of the sunken roads. equally impoartant was the resolve displayed by the British squares and the sensible (though novel) idea of actually taking cover when the flash of cannon was seen.
  13. And Sjt Graham, Coldstream Guards. "The bravest man in the British Army"
  14. One has to wonder what the outcome would have been were Ney not such a single minded idiot...

    Waterloo was certainly not a forgone conclusion at it's start and easily could have had a very differant finish... Hard fought on both sides but one set of commanders made a few less mistakes.