18th Birthday

dont think so fella, your only rises should be on your wage slip under "idd date" see army net online statements or someone elses mail slot for details
You are currently a Pte, Level 1 Lower Range earning £37.99 a day. If you look on your pay statement there is something called your IDD date, on that date you will go to Pte, Level 2 Lower Range earning £40.22 a day. Bear in mind though that if your IDD date is after April, you will recieve another pay rise prior to your IDD date, and subsequently your pay rise on your IDD date will be higher. Either way, you'll be on neally 15 grand a year as an 18 year old, not too shabby really.

Read all about it here

Its all in black and white on the Army website.
or even worse, money sucking girly loved one......

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