Thatcher or Foot? Really there is a choice?


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I think I'll vote for that nice Mr Foot.

They tell me that the Argentinians are claiming sovereignty over the Falkland Islands which I think are in Scotland, hope they don't invade or something.

Never mind, I get my new Austin Allegro next week.
From a south-facing supermarket shelf, I see. Well, with his enormous wealth he can afford to treat himself now and again.
Flown to him by some peasant employed to pilot his solid gold helicopter to his diamond encrusted 143 room mansion.

He then drinks it out of solid silver goblets while dunking platinum urinal cakes.
I wonder if Ord Sgt realises the irony of posting in a forum called the Intelligence Cell.
Is he really that far gone? Or is it a monumental wind up?
Krom old son. What you are trying to suggest is that Ord Sgt is actually TIDs sock puppet aren't you? The train was merely a diversion.

TID / Ord Sgt are of course both the Duke of Northumberland. Or Jimmy Nail. One of the two.
I hear that the miners are coming out on strike in about 1984.

How do I know this?

Because it is two thousand and fucking twelve.
I'll take it that we have moved beyond Vino Collapso and Chateau Maths, and are now doing the cyber version of abusing the passing traffic.
What's that radar thingy on the cab roof for?
It detects speed cameras so the driver doesn't get a ticket.

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