ARRSE is a UK based website and as such no firearm can be listed on this board. Firearms include all component parts of a firearm, sporting, collectible, curio & relic, signalling pistols, and antique firearms, regardless of their capability to fire a shot. Any item that is designed to discharge any shot, bullet or other missile is covered by this ban, regardless of that item's present ability to fire. Replica or imitation firearms are also prohibited. Weapons which discharge noxious substances, liquids or gas, including tear gas or pepper spray dispensers, are also prohibited in the UK and on ARRSE.
As this is a request for, and not an offer of it's fine to remain. However the "i have one" posts which will follow will be against the board rules. Anyone wishing to discuss this with Lt_George please Private Message him rather than post on this thread.


why not ask sniper9? He's probably got no need of them now he's passed his sniper course.

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