18 yo son want to buy a 15g car on HP!!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Toland, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. My stepson has got it into his head that on his 18th birthday ( a month away) he is buying a brand new car on HP or similar and that there is nothing we can do to stop him.
    My wife has said she will loan him 5 grand to get a cheaper car, however in my opinion he should be buying a shed like most people do with their first car.
    Is there anything I can legally do to prevent him getting up to his eyeballs in debt. Have quizzed him about insurance and other costs but he is a selfish little tart and sees nothing wrong with taking 5 grand off his mum when we dont have a pot to pee in
  2. No you can't stop him.
  3. Shoe that twat?
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  4. Insurance might though cant see £5 grand covering the first years premiums for an 18 year old in a new car
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  5. You can't stop him borrowing money, you can't stop your missus giving him her money.

    What you can do is use the fact that she's chucking cash at the little sod, as justification for spending your own money on whatever you please.
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  6. Yup he'll never learn to budget if money is free.
    Leave him to it, see how he gets on.
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  7. Ask him if his new car will have room to lie in. When you get that puzzled look as if to say "what the **** you on about stepfather" just let him know thats where he will be living after you hoof him out.
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  8. He is about as shallow as one can get, spent 900 quiud on a handbag for his equally shallow girlfriend, pays virtually no keep, Has no concept of money and works as a waiter.
    I am of the opinion that we should leave him to it and watch him fcuk up but it will me bailing the little sod out.
    He is getting his first years insurance thrown in with the HP deal and he does have some money towards insuring the 5 grand car
  9. As others have said it's none of your business if he's 18 and an adult. If it's your money then you can give her a **** off tablet. However what car is he going to get for 15k? You could perhaps get him into something a bit more interesting than some shitty 15k newish diesel, that would perhaps get you a new clio which won't set the world on fire. Depending on how much/little he has you could introduce him to a semi classic which would be a lot more fun to drive. He's got the advantage of probably not having kids or anything so can do whatever he pleases. If I was him in this weather I'd be looking for a smallish convertible which I can get classic insurance on, he would get a lot more birds with that.
  10. A lot of kids are buying brand new cars on what are called Personal Credit Plans . A Fiat 500 costs something like £125 / month ( plus a deposit ) . Obviously road tax and insurance are on top .
    So long as he is earning , it's probably OK -ish ?
  11. Charge him £100 a week board, he'll **** off.
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  12. £900 for a hand bag ? They are both mad .....
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  13. I'd suggest you man the **** up and make it clear he's an adult. I know 18 year olds in Afghan at the moment. If you can't do that then the failing is with you and not him.
  14. Seems to me you could try helping him work out the cost of buying and running the car he wants and then talk to him about whether he can afford it or not, let him come to his own conclusion. Don't try to drive a wedge between your stepson and your wife, it'll never happen and will just end up driving a wedge between you and your mrs.
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  15. I'd be delighted if I got all my food, washing, bills and accommodation for £100 a week. Infact I'd be happy if I got it for 3 times that.
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