18-year-old killed in roadside bomb in Afghanistan

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18-year-old killed in roadside bomb in Afghanistan

6th September 2007

Two British soldiers killed when a roadside bomb destroyed their unarmoured Land Rover in Afghanistan have been named as young infantrymen from the newly-formed Mercian Regiment.
Private Ben Ford, aged 18, from Chesterfield, was among the youngest British servicemen to be killed in Iraq or Afghanistan to date.

He died on Wednesday morning alongside his friend and comrade Private Damian Wright, 23, from Mansfield, who leaves behind a wife and a four-year-old son.

Private Damian Wright and Private Ben Ford were killed killed when a roadside bomb destroyed their unarmoured Land Rover

Another British soldier was wounded in the attack along with an Iraqi interpreter.

The Ministry of Defence said the interpreter had since died of his injuries.

The men were taking part in a routine patrol to the north of the British base at Lashkar Gar, the largest town in the war-torn province of Helmand.

Privates Ford and Wright were the first members of the new Mercian Regiment to be killed since the unit was formed at the weekend.

They were previously serving with the 1st Battalion the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment, which has now officially merged with two other units to form the Mercians.

The latest fatalities brought the UK death toll in Afghanistan to 76, of whom 71 have died since British troops moved into Helmand Province last year to take on the Taliban.

The fact that they were driving in an unarmoured, open-top Land Rover when it was apparently hit by a hidden a roadside bomb will add to concerns over the level of protection available to British troops moving around Helmand in vehicles.

Pte Ford completed his training only last year, and this was his first overseas deployment with the Army.

His parents released a statement saying: "We are immensely proud of our son and know that he lost his life doing something he was proud to be a part of and that he loved."

His commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Simon Banton praised him as a "tremendous young soldier", mature beyond his years, who had joined up to serve alongside school friends from Chesterfield.

Pte Damian Wright, had previously served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and an earlier tour in Afghanistan.

His wife said in a statement: "Damian was my best friend as well as my husband. Joshua could not have asked for a better father, he will be missed forever and I can't believe we will never hear his laughter again."

His company commander Major Paul Gilby described him as "quick witted, able and professional - he had already been selected to attend promotional courses where he would have excelled as usual".
What a shocker.

A life over before it barely started

Rest in peace fellas
RIP lads, condolances to all family and friends, also wishing a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Regret more bad news tonight

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Two NATO soldiers, scores of Taliban killed in Afghanistan 37 minutes ago

KABUL (AFP) - Two NATO soldiers were killed in bomb blasts in Afghanistan Thursday while scores of insurgents died in new battles as heavy fighting intensified in the country, military officials said.

Several soldiers were also wounded in the two explosions in the south of the country, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said.

It did not give the nationalities of its casualties, leaving such announcements for the home nations of the soldiers.

The latest deaths came a day after two British soldiers were killed in the southern province of Helmand, where international soldiers are confronting hardcore Taliban and drugs traffickers who are wreaking havoc in the area.

Also Thursday, more than 20 insurgents were killed in an eight-hour battle in the southern province of Kandahar that erupted after dozens of militants attacked a patrol, a coalition headed by the United States said separately.

The coalition reported earlier Thursday that more than 40 Taliban fighters were killed in a 12-hour battle Wednesday in Kandahar's Shah Wali Kot district, where rebels have launched several major ambushes in the past few days.

A small group of rebels ambushed foreign forces and was later reinforced by about 150 insurgents who fired rocket-propelled grenades and used heavy machine guns, the coalition said in a statement.

Most of the rebels were killed by coalition warplanes that pounded their positions in several compounds, it said.

Afghanistan's defence ministry said meanwhile that dozens of Taliban were killed or wounded in fighting with local and foreign forces in the neighbouring province of Helmand, also on Wednesday.

The ministry did not give an exact figure for the rebel casualties but said the fighting erupted after Taliban militants attacked the soldiers with heavy weapons.

"Responding to the enemy attack, Afghan and coalition troops chased the enemy and called in air support. Dozens of enemy were killed and wounded," it said in a statement.

The fighting took place in Helmand's Sangin district, where 25 rebels were killed earlier the same day, an Afghan army general said on Wednesday.

The latest bloodshed in the insurgency-hit southern desert provinces of Kandahar and Helmand took the rebel toll in recent days to close to 400.

NATO leaders, meanwhile, in Ottawa began a meeting Thursday to explore the alliance's long term strategic objectives and operations, in the country.

Officials said that among the issues to be discussed was the military mission in Afghanistan, where three-fourths of the 50,000 troops deployed hail from NATO member countries.

The Taliban were ousted from power in Afghanistan in late 2001 by a US-led offensive but have regrouped to mount an increasingly bloody insurgency against the US-backed government in Kabul.

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