18 Year old Councillor in raunchy snaps



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The face is the problem. So plain, she looks positively, well, hit with a shovel.
Ahhh it is in the Naafi!

Daft sl@g. She should stick to getting her t1ts out on her webcam and imagining she'll one day be a super model!
Shame about her grinner, nice body though.

A woman with a pole dancing pole in her bedroom gets my vote. Or have I missed something here and she's actually a fire fighter? :?
Looks like a bloke.
Arby..I agree...the close eyes make her look like she has be kissed by The Syndromizer....10-15% mongolization I would say.
anyone take the time to watch her slide show on myspace?? no?? well dont theres a fat guy/chav poledancing 8O it aint very pretty
With a face like that she should join the Army. Or maybe the NAAFI

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