18 wpm

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Bollock-chops, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Yeah, fcuking mint...

    did he have to keep spinning the speaker round?

    and by the way... I hae C&G to 36wpm... so he is still sh1t.
  2. Not C&G typing obviously.
  3. Oohhhhhhhhh (clutches handbag) those that could recieve at 36 tended to send like they had broken fingers.

    As heard over a training room wall after approximately 10 IMI's

  4. ZBM 2.................
  5. I was threatened by a certain station officer for my repeated ZBM2's to Cyprus
  6. Arh.....isn't that a blast from the past - QRM 5
  7. Had that aswell, difference is you type what they say, where as here I have to use my considerable skills of speaking England too...

    Never ceases to amaze me that people view Morse as some sort of black art. One bloke was chuffed he could do 5wpm...
  8. Nearly fell asleep watching that. Was he adjusting the speed of the wpm?
  9. No Cabana, the speed is fixed by the sender, he is altering the tone to hopefully reduce the distracting factors of the faster and slower morse signals nearby. As well as altering tone he is altering the frequency he is tuned to very finely, to optimize the signal he is listening to.

    QST is a broadcast to all stations/ all Hams
    de this is
    W1AW his callsign, almost poetic in a morse sense


    Chocolate Frog, esprit de corps :) (you ****)
  10. Oh man, were you a Spec Op? You might be able to claim compensation from the army for that, you and those guys that were at Christmas Island.
  11. Any other ex-inf got a fcuking clue what this lot are on about?
    Can't watch the vid cos i'm biffing it at work & they ain't updated flash, assume its scaley stuff.
    Good thread fellas! Confused the fcuk out of me!
  12. Silly boy. Don't you know that all infantry Regimental signallers class 1 and Regimental Signal Instructors were taught morse code at the good old School of I at Warminster?

    I did my courses in '79 and '80 but could only manage 14 wpm...

    CQ0A is about all I can remember these days.


  13. It is the blackest of Arts.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Oi! ....Steady, I was very proud of my achievement........those 10 inch shutters don't move that fast you know ...at 10 wpm receiving I passed out....it took the Chief Yeoman about ten seconds to bring me round.... with a carefully deployed steaming bat.....long break Desig WTF ?

    ( we had an RS who was a radio ham with a 'twitcher' - he reckoned 38wpm was his best....not sure he could read at that tho)