18 (uksf) sigs regt selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smiler9131, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. can anyone help iv applied to try sf signaller on a breifing course in feb. Any one had any dealings with this any tips advice would be great. Im in royal engineers and getting alot of help as you can imagine cheers.
  2. Not a clue sorry mate other than the cliche "be the grey man".
  3. yes been told that after someone that has attempted course and knows anything about it
  4. Well young man, you want to go for this job, so it is up to you to do your homework! If you don't know anything about the course, then ask yourself, is it really the course for me?

    And another thing, sort out your grammar, punctuation and spelling. You write like an infant!
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Have you tried asking them for more information? I'm sure they'd be more interested in people who try to research the role and get clued up before they get there. Phone the training wing at the unit?
  6. As Cow said contact 18SF Regt Training wing they produce an advice booklet for applicants explaining the selection procedure and what pre training both trade, Map reading and Phys are required. I'm assuming you are in a Sigs related trade as they do a trade test of your knowledge prior to joining the course.

    Some good advice is to brush up on the tech skills, Typing, CLAIT and try to get an ECDL qual all will help if you are trying for an Operators post, along with a good knowledge of AE theory, VP etc.

    Good luck!

  7. the_mentalist don't take it the wrong way, but a hell of alot of people have being on here asking exactly the same thing because the office does not give all of the knowledge required, plus it's better to get first hand advice off of people that have previously tried. I'm not trying to cause an argument but this is purely a forum, there is no need to type as formally as it goes.....
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    Typing and Logging are things your assessed(Spelling?) on, more practice the better, keep it neat and proper now, less dramas later.
  9. why do you want to leave eod for a crappy bleeps job?
  10. ABS, you are of course correct, it is only a forum, however, as merlin162 points out above, you need to have some standard of intellect to even be considered for the job, let alone pass the selection!

    It is good forum etiquette not to use sentences typed like a text message, and punctuation helps the reader to understand what the author is trying to articulate. The standard of English on some of these threads is unreadable, and for someone who considers himself worthy of attempting to do a job which requires the soldier to be articulate, intelligent and a bloody good squaddy is frankly embarrassing.
  11. T_M I totaly argree however his message was not really in text format.. anybody who is anybody can understand it at a first glance. All that was missing was a bit of grammer, if he had words written like "dnt tlk 2 me like tht" then I'd point it out too, all he asked for was a bit of help.. and tbf theres nobody really judging him on here to be an Operator, I'm sure if he were writing where it matters he would use perfect grammer, so merlins post doesn't really apply.

  12. Cow

    Cow LE

    Sorry, I'm missing something here, Merlins post was about skills/qualifications that may help in passing the SFC trade test and subsequent trade tests. They more than apply as they're on the Info that is handed out by the Training wing at 18 Sigs.
  13. In my time sigs guys had to hump over the beacons with a C42 on their backs .........blah blah
  14. Ok, you win, I will not pick anyone else up on this thread for GRAMMAR!!!
  15. ABS, you are not even in the Army yet, so please explain how you are qualified to comment on 18 (UKSF) Sigs Regt Selection. Do you even know what it is?

    You have seen a thread in this forum with selection in the heading and clearly thought it is more wanna be squaddies asking bone questions about press up's and 1.5 mile run times.

    Get a life, and when you get in the Army and you have actually done a few years, then you can maybe post comments on threads that you clearly, at this stage, know nothing about!!!

    :x :x :x