18 U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day!

If this is true then there is an inherent weakness in the vets or the system or else there is something rotten in the aftercare of these men and women, either way, it is truly alarming and tragic.
Lots of US veterans committing suicide? Well I never. You'd think that would have been reported in the press at some point over the last few years.
18 per day is unfortunate but given that there are currently about 21.8 million US veterans it is not a huge number. One factor could be that unemployment can trigger depression. During the Clinton and Bush years unemployment for veterans peaked at about 4.2%. It has increased sharply in the past three years and is now about 8.1%.

Sad, yes very sad. Shocking, no.
Oh by the way Paul Reickhoff is full of shit. I served with that putz in the same company and to say he is an opportunist is outting it lightly. he recently was outed for being pictured in his Class "A"s wearing the Special Forces unit insignia even though he never served in a SF unit.
Not like the good old days then? When John J Rambo would do pretty much anything to evade capture, let alone death, even though the cancer 'ate his best mate to the bone'.

XBOX generation for you, whimpering faggots.

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