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Just a quick question for all you ammo wallahs.
speaking with my bother last night and we started to reminisce about the tall tales that grandad used to tell us,
one in particular was when they fired shells at the pesky russians,he said that they used to tune the fuses so delicate that if the shell hit a gnat on its way over it would have gone off! now we know thats gilding the lily sort of bollicks, but all I need to know (not ever being a gunner) is did the gun crew actually adjust the fuses prior to firing? I thought you just loaded the fukcers as they came,,,shows you how much I know, but anyway I'm only asking because it was a pub discussion type of thing
On a current impact fuse there are three options. Quick, Super Quick and Delay. Back in the day of your gramps im not so sure but doubt they would have been able to 'wind them in' or 'tune them up' in such a fashion.
Was your grandad wehrmacht or Britisches freikorps fighting the Russians?
Fuzes have developed over the years and are now pretty safe upto the point they are required to function. understanding the physics of fuze function is quite technical, especially as different nations have different terms for the same component.

In the era of the 18pdr this wasn't so, simple fuzes such as the hotchkiss fuze were very simple and could be armed by a little rough handling then subsequently functioning by continued rough handling.

A few years ago in 11 Regt there was a spate of operators bringing back shells without realising they were based fuzed hotchkiss.
There were five fuzes for the 18pdr in WWI:-
Nos 80 and 85 time and percussion for shrapnel.
Nos 100 and 106 nose percussion for HE and WP,
and No44 nose percussion for HE and WP.

None of them were that sensitive although the No106 (a copy of a German one) was the first that was good enough to cut wire on steel posts.

The No80 was a Krupp fuse made under licence before the war. After the war Krupp sued the British Government for royalties for every one used against the German Army - and won!
My research shows 10 young padawan.

18 Pr Schr : fuze N°80; 85
18 Pr HE Mk I Fuzes N°80, 85
18Pr HE Mk II Fuzes N°80, 85, 100
18 Pr HE Mk III Fuzes N°100, 101, 102, 103 and 106
18Pr Chemical Fuzes 106
18Pr Smoke Fuzes 106, 101 and 44
18 Pr INCDY Fuzes 80, 85
18Pr AZ Fuzes T 180; 185
Fair points Young Master. The 101, 102 and 103 were improvements on the theme of the 100, I have the 185 down as a time fuze for the 3in 20cwt AA gun and we both missed the No25 timed for star shell... All this from Hogg and Thurston's British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition 1914-1918.
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