17th Lancers Memorabilia Wanted

I've recently found out that my great-great grandfather rode with the 17th from 1852 to 1868. He was part of the Crimea campaign and rode and survived the Charge at Balaklava; being wounded taken prisoner, rejoining the Regt in 1855. Apparently he's the guy riding the chestnut horse with the scary eyes in the middle of the painting by Richard Caton Woodville. I would like to put together a collection of memorabilia relating to the 17th (I know original stuff will be hard to get) possibly even create a framed piece. Does anybody have any pointers as to where I should start looking for stuff?
Thanks in advance.
There are a number of auction houses that hold regular sales of historical militaria. Thankfully, these are nearly all listed and searchable on the internet these days, which saves a lot of time searching for something specific.

Try registering with a few of the auction search engines:

the-saleroom | Live online auctions site | Collectables & Antiques
UKAuctioneers.com | Online Auctions | Live Auctions | Live Bidding | Antiques | Collectables | Online Catalogue
Bid in Online Auctions - LiveAuctioneers
Regular specialist Auctions. Stafford Auctioneers of Militaria & Medals
Vintage Toy and Military Surplus Auction East Sussex


Be aware, though, that any quality pieces with direct historical provenance - e.g. to the Charge of the Light Brigade - might well cost into five or six figures....
My Great great Uncle Trooper Thomas Williams was in the 11th Hussars and took part in the charge. He would have been just behind your ancester. He and his horse survived without a scratch though his brass scabbard took several hits from shot. I have a photo copy of the Loyal Address signed by the survivors and presented to Queen Victoria. I will see what else I have that may be of interest for you. Lots of books on the subject and the Balaklava Society is still going strong. Any idea where his medals are? A chargers medal is worth about £6000+
Further to my last. I have a copy of the bugle call on a cassett if you want a copy. I put together a display for my wall using WW 1 cap badges and a copy of the medal with 4 bars that was picked up on Ebay for £30. The DNW. co auction house has just had a sale of medals etc and a DCM group of a charger sold for £14,000+ and a 17ths medal with just one bar ( not a charger) went for just £180. PM me if you want anything more.
I think the Pill Box is the Scots Greys at Waterloo and not the Light brigade

The 17th medal sold the other day for £180+ was in much better condition than the Ebay one

Some years ago a couple of crooks purchased a load of un named medals and stamped the names of various chargers on them and made a lot of money. It came to light when two collectors found they had the same medal. The crooks went down for a couple of years, but there could still be some of their fakes out there.
The museum of the 11th in Wichester has a book called "Honour the Light Brigade" which says that my GGGF's Crimea medal with 4 clasps and Indian Mutiny medal were sold at Glendinings in 1917 so I've no idea where they are now. He signed the Loyal Address and became secretary of the Commemoration Society for many years. I'll PM you regarding the rest.
I went to the 11th museum many years ago but as it was a monday it was shut! So I spent a few hours in their offices looking through the Lumus papers. A good book to get is ' Forgotten Heroes..The Charge of the Light Brigade ' by Roy Dutton. It lists all those who charged with some details about each one. He also did the same for the charge of the Heavy Brigade
My GG Uncles Medal was in a collection for many years but came up for sale at the DNW auction house in 2003 and went for £6000. I did not find out about it until a few years after the sale. I couldn't afford it anyway.

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