17th Lancers - 1st World War

My stepmother has asked me if I can find out in
which 1st WW battles her father would have been involved
in. His name was Private? L.P. Stanton and he served in the
17th Lancers 1914-1918. His regimental? number was GS4021.
I have tried the 17th Lancers website & couldn’t find anything there.
Any tips appreciated. Thanks
Leonard P.Stanton served with the Lancers as G5-4021 and General Service Lancers as L-9825. Although it makes no mention of which Lancers


The Great War 1914-18
The outbreak of the First World War found the 17th Lancers in Sialkot in India. In October, 1914, the Regiment was deployed to the western front as part of the 1st Indian Cavalry Division, arriving in mid-November. By this time the initial mobile phase of the war had become one of static attritional warfare. As a result the 17th spent the following three years taking their turn in the trenches and training for the possibility of an infantry breakthrough which the cavalry could exploit. In early 1918 the Regiment was moved to the 7th Cavalry Brigade. It was not until the German Spring Offensive of that year that the Regiment were allowed the opportunity to demonstrate their mobility and versatility, being occupied in a series of squadron and troop actions, fighting mounted and dismounted and conducting reconnaissance. In the first fifteen intensive day's fighting the Regiment won one DSO, 6 MCs and 6 MMs. At the end of the war the 17th were posted to Liege in Belgium and from there to Cologne in Germany as part of the occupying army, before returning to England in the autumn of 1919.

BattleHonours said:
1914 - 1918 The Great War
1914 Festubert
1915 - 16 North West Frontier
1916, 1918 Somme
1917, 1918 Cambrai
St. Quentin Canal
Pursuit to Mons
Hindenburg Line
Hope this helps
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