1772 Club

1772 Club

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Anyone know any history of it? It's origins and ownership, for example? And when was the final time that the lights were switched off and the door was locked? Did it have an appropriate send-off?
Aw! C'mon.

It's only 20 years ago.... Oh! :oops: Seems like only yesterday...
There must be someone who can remember being there. Alzheimers only affects short-term memory, or so I'm told.

Is it true that it was the first permanently-established all-ranks club? In 1983, my first visit, I was told that it was the only one - but then, I was gullible in those days.
I had many a good night in there. It was still going strong in '92 when i left the first time, but inbetween then and 2001 when i was posted there again it had been passed over to the Gib Athletics Club/ Association or something.

Club continued to exist but only as a social group of serving engineers and selected invitees (those ex engineers still serving), having functions at the various den's of iniquity around gib.

Anyone know if its true that theer was a vehicle inspection pit under the dance floor?
What struck me as odd about the place was that it didn't appear to be on military property. Just down from Lathbury and near the Hospital, not far from the MQs and South(?) Barracks, but stuck at the side of the road.

Was the land actually owned by MoD, owned in some way by the Corps, bequeathed or merely purloined?

Even though I was only ever there as a visitor, it was a place where I felt at home - maybe something to do with my first visit when there was a Captain with his sleeves rolled up behind the bar, dishing out beers to Sappers. Having recently transferred from the infantry, it was just one of many gob-smacking moments as I came to terms with the Corps ways of doing things.

Those were the days when, even in Gib, you had to wear a jacket in the Mess, so the opportunity to put your feet up while enjoying a cold beer in the company of all ranks was a great incentive to boost the bar profits. A fantastic team-bonding atmosphere, especially with it being off-camp and away from the drudgery.
many a "Happy Hour " spent in the 1772 club between 1975- 1977 perhaps you enjoyed listening the the Music I played being one of the 2 best DJ's they ever had playing there.......
and the Amstel was good to
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