1771 Problems

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RHQ Rug-rat, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. A quick query that has been bugging me for a while - open to the floor as I'm not sure of my rights.....

    After I divorced the hatchet-faced ex-Mrs RRR, I changed my bank account to stop her pilfering. I signed the change of bank details chit, and like clockwork my wages now go into my shirnk-wrapped new bank account.


    My 1771 travel claims are still being paid into a "dead" bank account, despite me diligently filling in my new bank account details into the relevant boxes.

    I queried this with the pay staff, and was told there was fcuk all I could do to get my money back, despite me doing nothing wrong and the glorious Aberdeen Goat Club fcuking everything up through idleness.

    Is this really the case? A considerable amount of cash has been mis-paid into an account that no longer exists - now I am out of pocket while the shiney-posteriors sit there eating donughts.

    Can anything be done? Please advise.

  2. What has gone wrong is that your RAO staff have not changed the Bank Details on the UNICOM BACS module and they are paying to the details you originally gave them.

    a. Ask them (nicely) to change the BACS module details.

    b. Ask your ex bank Manager to return the money to the Imprest Account from the dead account and then they will pay you correctly.
  3. go down the civvy route and sue their asses for damages to feelings etc.!

    Alternatively, lets start AGAIing some of these lazy MOFOs...

    I was underpaid by a grand earlier this year and the sockcucking pay clk managed to explain that it was my fault because despite formally informing all and sundry of a change of circumstance, I had not booked out of the "booking out" book in the mess!

    Name and shame to your CoC, it is the only was to change the ineffectiveness of these B*stards!

    On a serious note, the bank should be able to trace the money, if not a letter to the RAO with evidence from the bank should get you a refund
  4. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Don your best ammos and steam into the Div 2 office and tell the cnut to get his act together and demand cash payment till problem rectified. By calling him this and acting in an aggressive/threatening manner, you may wish to change your details further to a local bank account in Colchester
  5. Div 2 - you're showing your age - Div 2s went out in 92!!!

    Why is it every pay or claim problem is used as a way to have yet another dig at the AGC -underpaid, undertrained most of them trying to do the best they can with limited knowledge/experience of the job they currently find themselves in!! Try treating them as human beings for a change and you never know you may get a result. I bet you never made a mistake in your professional career!!??**
  6. Goon,

    If you had (as you are told to) booked out of the Mess correctly, then the Mess Manager would have marked you down on the Ration Roll as being on Leave and then your RAO staff could have paid you correctly.

    He was correct, you are in the wrong, go down to the RAO - kneel down and open your mouth ...... to say sorry.
  7. He said he was underpaid due to a change of circumstances, by a grand. Thats a hell of alot of leave and rations!!!

    I think the Warning Out Book excuse is a little daft to be honest. If he had informed his RAO of his change of circumstances, then the underpayment shouldnt have happened as they were aware of his circumstances, no matter what the Mess Manager says.

  8. Sorry...

    I thought an email to the Chief Clerk, pay clerk, docs clk, OC, to name but a few, coupled with the fact that I'd been billed for MQs for a few months was sufficient.

    Didn't realise the warning in-out book was a such an important document!

    Plus, it would have been nice to have been told that I was only going to get around £950 about 1/2 my salary in advance, as opposed to getting a (shock) read out from a cash-point.

    Strangley when i mentioned it to the CO, i was offered a refund of cash the next day.

    Face it, the Aberdeen Goat Club are a bunch of inefficient cnuts. There sloppiness would never be tolerated in the real world!
  9. "So you failed to realise" .... and you are a mess member but that doesn't count it must have been a sloppy clerk. Did you take the biscuit at the same time?

    Lots of people pay for an MQ and F&A and you did say that you had not informed them of your change of circumstances.

    Frankly I'm surprised your clerks bother with you at all!

    Try to keep them fully informed and then they will try to work the rubbish system we have, to look after you.
  10. Plus join ARMYNET so that you can view your Pay Statement in a timely fashion.

    Luckily for you when JPA comes in you will have to do most of your own administration ..... see what happens then if you fail to notify the system of something important!

    I informed all and sundry of my change of circumstance....check previous post. Clearly its this level of attention to detail that gets the AGC its good name.

    Besides that's academic, its still bad drills not to inform somebody that their pay is utterly fcuked up.

    As for armynet, my experience is that its normally a few days behind when it comes to pay and you're better off sticking to online banking for an update readout of how much pay you've received!!!

    Finally (this has gone on long enough) does the SNCO pay course involve an extensive 'excuse making module'. In 15 yrs, I've encountered some horrendous pay blunders, not once has the green-hatted bde ever said, "yep, sorry boss that was my fault etc!!!!"
  12. I have to agree with the Paymaster. First, check that the Admin Office/Sqn Office have got the correct details in both the BACS screen and on the Maintain Bank details screen. Second, ensure that any future claims have got your new and correct bank details in the BACS payment box.

    Also, speak to the FSA/RAO to see what action can be taken to reclaim your claims that have been incorrectly. This will probably upset the clerk who input your claim because it may cost him/her some money (by the way, i am a clerk so i don't hate them).

    Hope this helps.