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Should 1771`s be included on our payslips so we can check them?

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Just a random question which I hope someone may know the answer of:

When claiming 1771's for travel is there any easy way to check you get paid correctly,
I seem to have bizzare amounts of money hitting the bank at random times which come froma different account than my regular pay.
Without a payslip detailing what I am being paid for and what date it will hit the bank it seems virtualy impossible to check I am being paid correctly?? I'm sure I am missing some of my travel allowance but have no way of proving it without seeing which claims have been paid. I would love to be able to say "journey on date X for Y miles has not been paid for" but seems all I can do is say total amount in the bank divided by total miles driven is incorrect.

P.S. how much should I get a mile for a 1600cc banger?

Look at your payslip again. It's on there (or at least should be). Keep photocopies of the 1771s you submit and compare the two. Occasionally I get a bank payment slip too but I don't know why that is so I just put it down to the Army's pay system.
Your RAO should be able to give you a unicom type payment slip in advance of what goes into your bank.

That is what they do here anyway.
Bagdaddy is correct - as ever.

Pop into your local friendly AGC Det and ask them these exact same questions - and when JPA rolls out, you'll be able to do it all by yourself! :)
Not all units print out the BACS confirmation slips for a variety of good reasons. However your unit should keep a record of all your claims on an AF O1874, which they should hold for every individual. Ask your RAO to see your 1874 and you should see a record of every claim they have paid for you.
According to DSPSI's 1874's should only be used for CASH payments now paymaster, so if your FSA is still using them for BACS payments then he should get his pay clerks to file them away for him never to be seen again (thankfully).
That may be true Jockmod but we find it such a useful tool for tracking and recording from a very wide client base that we continue to use them.


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P.S. how much should I get a mile for a 1600cc banger?
As of 01 Aug 05, the milage rate for 1260cc and above is 26,2p per mile. 3p/mile for first official passenger and 2p/mile for each additional pax.
Darth_Doctrinus said:
and when JPA rolls out, you'll be able to do it all by yourself! :)
Hmmm....and what are the lovely AGC Fd Det going to do with their time then?
Jock, my clientele are scattered throughout a very large area, and by and large make huge amounts of claims .... and then forget they have made them. The form is a useful method of controlling their enthusiasm.
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