.177 BSA R10 - 10m use??


I'm sure there must be someone here who knows!

I'm getting a .177 BSA R10 and will be using it on HFT ranges, but can I put different sights on it and use it on a 10m range and compete with it?

I've Googled it to death and found nothing...

I don't think the R10 lends itself to open sights and they might be a bit sniffy about a 12ftlb rifle being used too.

(Sez the bloke who turned up with a scoped .22 :D )


Ah right, I thought I might be able to get away with strapping something on, but it seems no point if I'm going to upset people with the power anyway. Bah.
I may have to consider not buying the R10 and getting an all-rounder rather than 2 rifles.

Cheers for the info.