174,000 illegals to be removed from Britiain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Capita gets contract to find 174,000 illegal immigrants

    Captiva..yep, that company that seems to be able to make money from nothing has been awarded a £40m contract to track down and remove 174,000 illegals that have "gone missing" after being refused stay.

    Immagine if the Border Agency had been allowed to deport these people right away rather then release them.

    I do wonder sometimes!!
  2. I confidently predict that as a result of Captiva's efforts/help, rather than 174,000 that will actually be removed, the figure will be closer to zero.

    In fairness to Captiva, much of the failure will be due to factors beyond their control.
  3. They have got to be having a laugh the only way of geting rid of them is as soon as the twats are caught stick them on a plan. If you hold them over night they will claim some human right and get away again.
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  4. Crapita will sub-contract it out to G4S who won't have enough staff so they'll employ and train a load of people to do it who won't turn up for work and then................
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  5. ...well there are plenty of illegals to make up the numbers, cash in hand and the problem is sorted.
  6. Stupid question, but why don't the Border Agency find the ******* and kick them out?
  7. I can safely predict these 174,000 can sleep soundly in their beds as Crapita get paid £Millions of taxpayers money to fail to find their own arse.
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  8. Crapita could not find their own bottoms. This won't be a problem for them since they get paid the same if they find 1 or 174,000. My guess is in a year we will watch a news article saying they have found less the 500 and Jon Snow will demand a Full Public Enquiry.

    ...450 of which will be grated leave to remain after going before a court.
  9. I hope they put a good dent into that number, and then actually get them removed.

    It will make interesting viewing in the months to come.
  10. Martial Law. The Army will assume responsibility and just put the feckers up against a wall. Saves on travel costs.

    Hopefully, jihadists from Birmingham and London etc will be accorded the same treatment, even if they do claim British Nationality
  11. I have a cheaper idea: Call a national amnesty, set up centres where they can register for a card which entitles them to benefits. Mass arrests. Put it large wooden horse. Make diplomatic gift to France.
  12. The SLA will probably say that to achieve the full bonus, they have to contact and try to enforce about 5% this figure PA but will virtually remove no one. They'll blame the Immigration service, UKBA & Margaret Thatcher for non-cooperation and will pleasd poverty and overspends due to dealing with the Governmental bureacracy and so will demand more cash to fufill the pittance KPI's of the contract.

    So, we'll pay Crapita to do not a lot and blame everyone else. They'll put more pressure on the already under-funded Immigration service and the UKBA but in the mean time will make huge profits

    Strangely, their shares today are the highest they've been for 18 months. Triples all round
  13. You could sort out the illegal immigrant problem in six months.

    1 - work out how much it costs to deport one of them.

    2 - halve this figure.

    3 - offer this half-cost sum as a bounty to anyone who turns one of the buggers in.
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  14. ...and the other fifty will have done a runner having been told by the police/whoever to make their own way to the airport.
  15. We should have a full public enquiry in to how that happened too. I will chair it for a small fee.
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