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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by glenn1808, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Anyone in 173 Coy know if theres any open availabilities there or if there will be in the near future?
  2. I'm just guessing but I bet someone will be posted out over the next 12 months so a vacancy will come up.

    If you are new to RMP you can look for vacant posts that you can apply for at: www.rmpjobvacancies.co.uk
  3. Bizarre post :?
    Are you actually serving? If so, then you will know that unless you are after an established appointment, then people are posted in and out all the time. If you are after a certain appointment, such as CQMS etc, then perhaps it would help to be more specific.

  4. But there is nothing there when you press the link...... and maybe thats the point.
  5. Flash to Bang W_P! Good one AFA :)
  6. Im in phase 2, and dont have a clue how the whole posting thing works, i was just told put 3 places down and cross my fingers. I prob wont get that posting anyway, regardless of spaces. My Pl Sgt wrote that im from Belfast in the comments box
  7. It could work both ways. By saying you are from Belfast, that may actually work against you - after all, didn't you join the Army to travel the world (well, UK, Germany and Afghanistan) and get away from it all? Why go back to where you grew up from? Surely it's better to go somewhere where you can cut your teeth with police work (Germany) for a first posting. The guys at 173 are great but get out there and push yourself - don't be tied to Mum, Dad, Rover the Dog and your school mates for the rest of your life - you're a soldier now!
  8. Watch that old chestnut about putting down 3 posting preferences! I put down that I wanted to go to the Far East (in the days when a posting to Hong Kong was a starter) and got Colchester. Somebody had a sense of humour - and it wasn't me!
  9. 173 from Phase 2? Unlucky...you must have screwed up in ET's then.
  10. If your in phase 2 training then you will have filled out your Preferance Posting Proforma!!

    Now MCM will post "newbie" Lance jacks where they are needed, for operational and backfill reasons. they will try to meet ONE of your preferances, but do not have to!! You will be sent to a vacant slot in a Provost Company that needs you!!

    The fact that your from Belfast will not negate your being posted there!! that said, it is not the norm to post you back to your home address when you come out of the training school!!

    Question? why join the Army and want to be sent back to home??? there are so many more opportunities to travel abroad!! your young...get out and enjoy the overseas postings whilst you can, as more and more places are closing down & reducing, they will start to minimise the places you can go!!

    As for not understanding the posting system!! i find this hard to believe as i KNOW that your Pl Sgt gave you the presentation!! and explained all of it!!

    stop whinging and get on with it!!