170 Pro Coy RMP/GPD SweatySockland!

I've tried to get a contact number but it does not appear to exist according to the MOD web site. Anyone got a contact number for who's responsible for sticking on a GPD crime report in Inverness?

Surely they've not moved out of the Castle? That was the best trapping home address known to mankind!

I've been out for nearly 6 years, WTF is going on!


I thought that the Coy were disbanded and all that remained was a Platoon under 150? Might have picked up the wrong end of the stick, but it seems the sort of geat idea that RMP management are famous for, so maybe it's true.
Now I know why it was a good idea to leave. First Berlin, then Hong Kong now Edinburgh. Londondist is up sh1t creak too from what I hear. 8O

If I recall correctly there is a detatchment of RMP at Edinburgh Castle. I can't find the contact details though.

The TA unit in Livingston is:
243 Pro Coy (V)
TA Centre
Beveridge Square
EH54 6QF

Civilian Telephone Number: 0131 310 5900
Civilian Fax Number: 01506 415394



Ah well, that was probably another great RMP management moment. We'll disband a Company, evict them from the Castle and move what's left into a two up two down council house. Dreghorn.......it even sounds sh*te.

And if they need any admin doing....they can drive south for 5 hours to get it.

(Dreghorn Gardens? Is that some sick attempt to make it sound all neighbourly. Oooo, I'm from Dreghorn Gardens don't you know....the land of the corned beef leg)
I here all the RMP and SIB are moving to Dreghorn Gds. Osnabruck Garrison disappears next year, apparently JHQ next for super Garrisons in Senne and Hohne (god forbid). A precursor perhaps for Garrisons in Poland where land is cheaper (vodka, beer and prostitutes) and we can run Lionheart type exercises. Thank f**k I left last year!
This is what happens when an organisation is run by a bunch of fuckwits whose whole ambition is to remain within the orbit of Worthy Down. London and Edinburgh were the two most high profile locations for the Corps and which kept RMP NCOs in the eyes of those who mattered.
I recall regularily having dealing with MOD, Londist Ceremonial Duties, the FCO and the PMs Office when I was in London District. As for the Pro Coy in the Castle? The most spectacular leg over close to an open window with a couple of hundred foot drop into Princess Street Gardens. I had to wait to the Peak in Hong Kong to top that one! (Don't tell me they are thinking of getting rid of that posting as well?)
To get back to the Q, there is actually an Aberdeen police post. 1x married full screw. What a shitter of a posting...

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