17 yr old serves on the front line

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mav, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Not sure if this was already posted... but it seems a 17 yr old managed to get to the frontline:


    By all accounts he looked old enough and so somehow missed having his age being checked before being sent out.

    More here

    Fair play to the guy.
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  2. Good lad, bet he fucking loved it.
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  3. A credit to his generation. Good on the lad!
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  4. The MoD is only making a fuss because it's exposed a bit of sloppiness somewhere. The fact that he's still serving speaks volumes!

    And yes, fair play to him. I hope the tour-dodging or the never-served hang their heads in shame.

    The cunts.
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  5. Good man, best of luck to him.
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  6. Bet it would have been different story if he was KIA and parents knew. Massive liable claim.
  7. Admirable. He doesn't look under eighteen, can anyone tell me what will happen to the bloke who failed to pick up on his age?
  8. Good lad Tenfuckingletters
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  9. Top lad, he looks pretty pleased in that pic.
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  10. I bet that they will fail to pin it on any single individual. Or they may try to pass the buck onto a mod civilian clerical officer.
  11. Remember a yeomanry lad on Telic got fastballed back home for a couple of weeks until he turned 18 . he managed to get through the reserves mobilisation facility and it got picked up at Camp Fox just before the " Big Push " give him his due he was back out as soon as he turned 18 . So it's still happening by all accords .
  12. Well, the next time you want to go on tour and you're forced to prove your age (despite being 41) you know who to blame.
  13. Watch on the right hand, fuck me, thats a hanging offence. Well done that man.
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  14. Did the rules about age in 'conflict areas' change? I know one person who went to Depot aged 16.5 and was whisked off South in 1982 aged 17. (Too young to serve in NI or vote at that time rather strangely.)
  15. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Check this pic out - not if it's from training or if he was in the cadets: