17 year point in april

Just a small question if i pass my seventeen year point in april and get selected for redundancy, would they give me an immediate pension as i have to serve out my years notice or do i just get booted out and get the pay off, just getting a little worried as im posted soon and a few people have tried to poach me for there unit and they keep on getting the same answer from my desk officer that some one else is dealing with it and basically im going where im told, just so happens that its artillery attatched arm and they are getting cut , or am i reading into this too much any gurus out there give me piece of mind


In previous redundancy programmes when selected (either voluntarily or compulsory) you are normally given a time-frame of 12 months within which you must leave. When you decide to leave should reflect careful consideration particularly over the lump sum (with commutation if it applies) vs pension. You also need to factor in resettlement at a time when strangely enough very few courses (none in my case in 1993:x and I left half way through the programme) will be available as they will all be over-subscribed.

The length of time you have spent in any particular posting should not count, time bars for long courses (e.g. tiffy course) may automatically disbar you. In any redundancy selection the rank/time served criteria will be published well in advance of any boards and all those it applies to will have to ensure they apply (or not) before the board closing date.

Time in rank will also count towards the amount you are given, not spent enough time in rank = pension & lump sum 1 rank down.

In 1993 I had 7 Cpl VM posted in to my LAD over & above establishment prior to their release on redundancy. In this redundancy programme I would envisage this happening on potentially a wide scale in order to draw down units more quickly & allow those leaving some time in which to resettle etc. (here's hoping you all get a unit that allows this rather than one that insists you work your arrse off before you leave, and there will be those pillocks that think that way:shakefist:)
Very interesting but i cant find any stipulation that when they say you are redundant how much time they give you, now say my joining date was in the second half of april and just before this date say the 1st of April they say your job is surplus and you have a year to serve that will leave me x ammount of days short of an IP pension of 18 years, just to let you know im a fully fit senior rank never been down graded and tours under your belt that would make your eyes bleed, but i was in a shipyard for 5 years before joining the army and when i was made redundant the bean counters did not care how good a tradesman you were, they sacked 500 apprentices on the spot, we will have to see what happens but i dont want to be screwed over for the sake of x ammoumt of days
You need to read the following DIN:

2010DIN01-187 Titled "Regular Armed Forces Redundancy Programme" dated Oct 10

in extract from para 8g, page 5

Notice period
Successful applicants for redundancy will be entitled to 6 months notice to leave. Non-applicants who are selected for redundancy will be entitled to 12 months notice to leave. The notice period will begin from the notification date unless deferred (which should be in Jul of each year).

Therefore it may not be in your best interests to volunteer in the first tranche 2011 - 2012 , unless you know you will be guaranteed to be past your 18yr point at time of discharge (6 months past Jul = Jan 12), or be severely out of pocket as you will not have hit your 18yr point at that time. The best bet would be to hope that you are a non volunteer at least it will push you past the 18yr of service marker for an Immediate pension if your dates are correct.

Be patient for the Single Service DIN due for release in the spring.

Hope it helps.
Cheers for that my mind is now put at ease to a certain extent was never going to volunteer unless my pension was immediate however it would be in there interest to get rid of me as i have veng aswell so they would save 7 years of wages, been searching for that snippet for a while, i love the job but in reality if i do go it lets me start earlier in getting up the ranks in civvie strasse.
Already factoring everything in at this precise moment definatly something going on at Glasgow in our corp and a friend says her boss is more in the know and are looking at anyone in there 17th year this should be entertaining as long as im on the right side of the 18 years wait out
Already factoring everything in at this precise moment definatly something going on at Glasgow in our corp and a friend says her boss is more in the know and are looking at anyone in there 17th year this should be entertaining as long as im on the right side of the 18 years wait out
Sure I have missed it, what Corps are you??
Your question appears to be based on the assumption that the 18yr point is important. Did you transfer to the 2005 Pension Scheme or are you still on the 1975 Scheme?

Regardless of the AFPS 75 or 05 pension scheme:
DIN 2010DIN01-188 dated October 10, titled "Redundancy Provisions for the Regular Armed Forces" para 3a -b states:

That if redundancy is offered to “those service personnel who are members of AFPS 75 will qualify for an immediate Pension (IP) if they have completed:

a. (For officers and other ranks) at least 18 years' qualifying service from age 18 or

b. (For officers) at least 16 years' qualifying service from age 21, if that point is reached earlier.

This means that in most cases, the person will qualify for an IP earlier than if the discharge had been for a reason other than redundancy”

Therefore in this instance there is an almost parallel between the qualifying criteria (but not monies) for an Immediate Pension on AFPS 75 and AFPS 05 in that for a solider 18yrs is the min reckonable service needed for an Immediate pension. This has been done so that either AFPS 75 or 05 are not discriminated against (I suppose).
Im still on the 1975 scheme according to my boss today we have nothing to worry about. Im not worried now as im pretty assured that i will get a IP but if i want to volunteer i will have to wait till the following year so i go over the 18 year point with my six months notice, if they tell me im redundant lets hope its after the april so i still get over the threshold as i would have 12 months to push.(or what he said above)

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