17 Year old soldier missing-Floods

Does anybody have any information on where the 17 year old soldier missing due to the floods is from. Is it AFC Harrogate or from ITC Catterick?

The reason Im asking is my son (17)is currently at AFC and his company (Peninsula) are on a battle camp exercise. Im still serving and dont want to be phoning the guardroom just incase they are dealing with the incident so any links to situation with flooding would be appreciated.
I also realise NO news is GOOD news and hope who ever the lad is will be found safe and well, but admit to be a bit nervey at the mo.

Cheers in anticipation of any help.


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I hope this lad is found quickly, though I don't have any more info than the following:

Soldier missing after river fall
A soldier has gone missing after falling in a river while on a march near Catterick Garrison army base in North Yorkshire.

The man was one of three soldiers who fell into Risedale Beck on Friday morning, a North Yorkshire Police spokesman said.

Two of the men were rescued but an RAF helicopter and police officers are searching for the missing soldier.

Heavy rain has caused flooding across the county.

Major search for missing soldier ongoing

A MAJOR search is underway for a soldier who was washed away while trying to cross a swollen stream.

Three soldiers fell into Risedale Beck during a training exercise on Hipswell Moor, south of Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, this morning.

Two of the soldiers were pulled from the stream but the third is still missing.

More than 20 search and rescue experts from Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team (SMRT) are searching the area.

Paul Denning, SMRT controller, said: "The conditions are very bad out there.

"You could cross the stream at one point this morning but its now in spate.

"We are searching the edge of the stream and the shallow waters on either side.

"We always start a search believing that whoever we are looking for is still alive - its a live casualty unit we have proof otherwise."

The stream flows into the River Swale at Brompton-on-Swale.

The Army, police and an RAF rescue helicopter are helping with the search.
Cheers for that link P_T_P still not sure if its my lads lot from AFC or if its lads from ITC as Im not sure where his exercise is taking place. As I said no knock on the door so hopefully not my lad but a bit worrying for missus and Im sure for a few other parents.
SMRT- top bunch of blokes, very skilled at least we know theres good guys on the ground looking for our lad


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Just spoken to the police and the information is that the lad is in the Infantry Training Battalion from Catterick.

For anyone who is concerned, you could try the following numbers:

North Yorkshire Police: 0845 60 60 247 or international: +44 (0) 1904 618990

Failing that, contact the unit directly.

They haven't found the lad at this time.
Having just driven up the traffic-infested A1 i can at least offer you some small words in the guise that they have both Coastguard and RAC Choppers out looking for the lad.
Thanks for that info BIPED a very quiet sigh of relief for my family (hopefully that statement isnt treated with contempt) But now hopefully some good news for the lads family and he is found safe and well. As other posts say it sounds like there are some very good teams out there and fingers crossed for some good news.
The_IRON any-one who would treat with contempt your relief that your son is not likely to be involved is a first class w***er and doesn't deserve the time of day IMO. We all think of our own loved ones first it is natural and doesn't mean you are uncaring or thoughtless to the feelings of the poor parents who have had the knock at the door.
Glad your son is safe and praying the lad is found well
Looked round on the news pages but cant find any updates from the earlier one by P_T_P. Hope theres good news soon.
it's getting dark here now still no news, bl**dy rains stopped at last. Catterick is in some clip.

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