17 weeks worth of training for females!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Frankie88, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. I just passed my selection today, so am well on the way now to my goal of becoming a RMP officer.

    I was however, interested to hear from the officer who interviewed me that all females that will now start their phase 1 training will now undergo an extra 3 weeks worth of fitness training prior to actually starting wk 1 of phase 1. So this means 17 weeks worth of training instead of the 14 weeks males now have.

    I was told that it is a lighter version of P/T sessions and a lot of sport games for three weeks and is not actual soldier training. It is primerly to uppen Female recruits fitness before wk1 of phase 1 because too many female recurts are failing and dropping out.

    He also told me that this is a year long project to see if it will have a positive effect of the amount of pass rates for female recruits and if so then all new female recruits in years to come will have 17 weeks of training on camp.
  2. are we not entering a rewind on equal ops?
  3. Maybe This


    or this

    Linky 2

    Or the plethora of other sites available to explain if you bother to input words like

    ‘Female military training injuries’

    Might help you in your quest to undermine all the females that contribute an awesome amount to our current Ops
  4. If its an effective measure then were is the problem?
    It doesn't appear to be reducing standards, rather helping to achieve the required standard.
  5. Heard nothing about this....YET!
    I'll question people in the know, tomorrow.
  6. As a female recruit, what do you think of the scheme Frankie? Do you like the idea of a more gradual physical workup, or would you rather take your chances over 14 weeks and let the regime sort the women from the girls?
    This isn't a dig, I'm genuinely interested in feedback from those with the relevant POV.
  7. I think it should apply to both genders. Physical attributes are a component of a potential soldier that can be improved and they also provide the canvas for the soldier to illustrate their other qualities (or lack thereof) to the DS. How many women have been lost along with the girls because they came from a background that gave them no opportunity to develop physically?
  8. I think it should be open to all. People aren't as used to physical activity as they were used to - that is a fact of life.

    The only downside really is money and perhaps quality of recruits - though the latter can probably be minimized by having a rigorous induction.
  9. Bringing back Sutten Coldfield anyone?
  10. I think that this is possibly a good idea if many females are failing and dropping out as it does cost the Army a heck of a lot of money to train recuits, and if recruits keep failing and dropping out then the money spent on them just gets wasted. and i think we all agree it could go towards a hell of a lot of better things.

    I know that if a recruit really wants to be in the army then they should be prepared and be in tip top condition for day 1, wk1 of phase 1 training. However, females do offer a lot to the army (men obviously do aswell) but many are failing the basics which, if they just get their fitness at a higher standard are very cabable of becoming very successful soldiers.

    It is a fact of life that females are the weaker sex in terms of physical strength, which means we need to work twice as hard than the males to get similar results. So I believe that this project of 17 weeks worth of training is a good idea.

    However, i am sure there will still be some bone idol female recruits out there who will believe that they will not need to be in tip top condition for the start of the extra 3 weeks, and will believe that they will get to the army's initial recruit fitness standard by the end of the initial 3 week course.

    I think we should just wait to see the results in a year or so. I personally am fine with it. It is a bit of a pain in some ways as it is an extra 3 weeks, I myself am looking forward to it because a lot of sport will be played, which sport can be very difficult to fit around Phase 1. And I am unsure about when we will get leave within the 17 weeks, weather we will have a wkend off b4 wk1 phase 1 and then the long weekend at the end of wk7. or whether we spend 10 weeks on camp before going home for the weekend. I would love to find out!!

  11. Makes sense, they are not dropping the height of the bar, just increasing the run up.

    Mind you, the bar still need to be raised slightly for both sexes.
  12. I think this is a good idea, however would like to see an assessment made of everybody and then ANYONE who is sub par (which will me largely female but gets the unprepped males) can have the benifit of the extra 3 weeks.

    Just because people don't come prepped doesn't mean they are not keen, just not got their head in the right place. The 3 weeks could be a good input

  13. 3 weeks longer will give them time to actually break boots in and for some of the chav asbo youth to actually feel what leather is on their feet other than ill fitting k swiss- half the time doing fitness in training is lost due to the poor bug-gers having soft feet with blisters and a biff chit for a week!
  14. Dont worry mate you will soon learn that in Recruiting world the senior Recruiters/recruiters are normally last to find out all the new ideas :roll:

    I think this build up at the start of CMSR will be a good idea as lots of female applicants I knew of did get minor injuries trying to do too much too soon. We would rather have recruits coming out of phase 1 and 2 in good condition and injury free so feel this could be one of the better trials.
  15. 17 weeks training in toto? Hell's teeth. I bet ATRA had fun agreeing to that!

    If you think about it, and if that news is correct, and I haven't seen anything about it elsewhere, that must mean that recruiting has slumped and we are now desperate to retain even those who are not physically up to the required standard.