17 Port & Maritime Regiment

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by jaydee85, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Are there any serving members of 17 P&M out there who could give me some advice?

    I can't seem to find out any information from the web or the careers office on how long Phase 2 is and what it involves.. anybody know?

    Any inside information or views would be much appreciated. ^^
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  2. Phone the Regimrnt.

    They have a TA element.

    You may find the Royal Navy a better optin though.
  3. Thanks Choclate_frog, I've had no luck with finding the regiments number on the Internet, all I could find was the Marchwood HIVE number. You think it would be okay to call them?

    I thought about the RN, but I can't see any job roles where you enter as crew ( watchkeeper) or follow mca deck officer certification routes and just a personal feeling I would prefer the army.

    I'm based down south and the TA unit for 17 is quite away north so not very realistic for me.

    thanks again for your input!
  4. Phone the Hive mate.

    165 Regt are based in Grantham (as in their RHQ), but I know they have a troop in IoW and one in Bristol (I think). Most of their training is done at marchwood, they may be a 'specialist TA' unit, so no drill nights weekly.

    What about teh RNR.
  5. For Details of the TA unit contact CVHQ Royal Logistic Corps, Grantham, Lincs, Logistical Support, 0800 5876585
  6. Have you thought of The Royal Fleet Auxiliary which is a civilian-manned fleet, owned by the MOD, which supports Royal Navy ships around the world, supplying warships with fuel, ammunition and supplies. The RFA fleet is fully integrated into the RN’s command and control system and forms a vital part of maritime operations.
  7. CALL The ROYAL FLEET AUXILIARY on 08456 04 05 20 to Speak to an Advisor.
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  8. Thanks for all the responses.

    Still very interested in 17 P & M as a regular though! Would love to chat to someone who has served or currently serving with them.
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  9. If you join up full time and go for Mariner, your civi-quals wont count for all that much to begin with as you will have to first complete mariner 3 which is a deck-hand. Although they don't seems to be welded together you progress though the 3 Mariner classes pretty much hand-in-hand with your rank. So without knowing exactly what your qualifications mean, you might find your self having knowledge of a SSgt (for example) in some areas but still needing to go through years of hoops to get there.

    This however is true with any arm/service I suppose.

    There are three squadrons, each associated with a different boat type(51 being small boats, 52 being mexiflote, 54 RCL - which right now due to operations 51 and 54 are pretty much together). Career progression and where, when and for how long you will be away from Marchwood is closely linked to your squadron due to the boats needed in various places.

    The RCL for example currently deploys to (I think 4 locations on a 4 months rotation, returning to Marchwood between each place).

    The exact future of the port and the various boat types are not certain however this has been a question for a good number of years and may not be resolved anytime soon however it is a sure bet that there will always be a maritime need and it will most likely be in this one main pot so generally not as bad for family life as just about any other job in the army.

    All that withstanding, due to a limited number of courses running every year even if you started basic training tomorrow, you are not likely to have passed your class 3 course by Christmas; indeed there is a great chance that you would spend quite some time on "continuation" training at the lovely hole that is Deepcut, while you are waiting. I knew a guy on another trade who had been waiting there for 7 months so my 5 weeks by comparison was no time at all.

    So 14 weeks at Pirbright (not counting summer/christmas leave etc), what ever waiting time at Deepcut then 16 weeks at Marchwood training before being sent back to Deepcut for final meds and BCCS (which you might have to wait for too) means you might need a very understand family.

    At age 27, you wont be the oldest at Pirbright by any means. I was 3rd oldest at 33 in my intake of three troops. I had no issues other than being around 17-18 year olds all the time - something that still grates now actually but that may say more about me :)

    Anyway, best of luck.
  10. 17 Port & Maritime is always under threat for closure IT WILL BE THE NEXT RLC REGIMENT TO GO FACT, RN is your best bet

  11. Where in the South are you? Whilst it's true that 165 is based in Grantham it has a regional squadron in Southampton plus a troop on the Isle of White.

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  12. What the **** do the MCA know about boats? - not a ******* useful lot
  13. Cormank do they not have stevedores,plant and crane ops at 17 pm regt anymore
  14. Probably not now that another 2 year have passed
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  15. i served with the regt its fkn brill sports and pastimes its better known as but were there before the shit hits the fan and after it go on be a stevie ...one of the best but beware its all hanged now seahorses we are and will always be
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