17 Port & Maritime in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by 94gg, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Could anyone give me a bit of information on what this regiment do when on tour, seeing as there is no ports or such in afghanistan, and do they bring in supplies through nearby ports ie in pakistan.
    i cant find much info on the net and would be thankful for any since i am being posted to marchwood late 2012
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  2. The guys that went out recently went out as drivers, QMs etc, Theater Logistics Group if I remember rightly.

    Wouldn't worry about Afghanistan though, stock up on sun cream and swimming shorts as we ( I say we, I'm posted in March) have been lined up for Tosca in 2013 apparently.

    I'm not sure if they still do, but the port ops used to send gangs out to various ports to unload ships they had loaded in Marchwood.
  3. ah thank you, im going for port op, in basic atm, but should be in marchwood next winter, tosca is in south africa right? what would we be doing? also (sorry for all the questions btw!) i heard port ops go to falklands?
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    Port Ops do go to the Falklands for 6 months at a time, not sure how many are down there at any one time though. They do pretty much the same job down there as they do in Marchwood.
  5. Oh Cyprus, sorry for my naivety :/ thanks!
  6. God help the Bennies oops.... sorry the 'Stills' then :)

    Circumflect = spectacles, watch & wallet. :)
  7. Goatman

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    17 P&M still send Port Op detachments thither and yon...when Sierra Leone was on (Op Barras?) a squadron sized group got pinged to unload a vessel in Freetown ....I had it in my head that most of their AFG dets were to Karachi or that FOB container port further up the coast.....during Telic 1 they also sent a bunch of guys to do Airside stuff unloading C17s at (IIRC) Fairford, as well as the routine stuff like Emden in Germany and Glen Douglas oop Norf.

    Pretty sure they still do the ship-to-shore task in support of the Marines off Norway exercise every year. The one you missed out on about two years ago was a RFA support task in Tristan da Cunha.....which is about six days sail from Capetown-ish .....looked like a real signing-on cruise that one !

    And yes, there are/were a number of Falklands 6 month slots going....used to be a couple of Vessel troop posts there but I suspect they have stopped...be interesting to catch up.
  8. The norway thing hasn't been done for a while, think it was 2007 I did the survival training prep in Norway but never actually did the exercise. It used to be that 17 supported the Royals in Norway and then the whole shebang moved to the Med, giving the guys 6 months or so away on exercise.

    I think was in the process of getting out when T-D-C was happening, it was a good trip by all accounts.

    The Falklands does still have blue jobs down there, only 3 though, enough to crew the LCVP.

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  9. Couple of Port Ops are deploying to HERRICK as part of TLG doing the RTCH Operating.
  10. yo guys i was a port op ^^ hit me up if any of you remember me haha , yeah lots sorties , or skiving off down the sea horse was my thing haha , i did sierra leoone also , loved it , used to go down and drink at a place called silver wings LOL
    P.S get your Crane(S&P) license ,fork lift , pretty useless in civvy street though need to get the thing converted
  11. yeah they will be busy for sure , long hours very long hours hehe ,