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Hi all,

I have searched the web but can't seem to find much information relating to this regiment, is there anyone out there who would be able to give some advice?

thanks in advance!
Can't help you really but there was a thread a while back about the Shipwrights role that had a few comments on experiences of being posted to the Regt. Seemed positive. Perhaps have a search.

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17 sport and pastime, top posting, (I was there in the 80's, sports afternoons were spent sea fishing) a seaman navigator trade with no ships...seems a no-brainer to me.
BCFT? You must think the RLC is some kind of machine.
Sorry FS, but your facts are wrong......only need to count to 5.
Thanks for that post stinker! although I have already checked it all out, still does not answer my questions in much detail.

I'm looking for any serving or ex 17 P&M out there who could help.

A cousin of mine from Southampton married a lad from 17 PMT. I have been on the camp, as my unit's vehicles left from there to go to Bosnia in 1996. That's all I know about em, mate.
Well going along the line of how your question is being answered, i went there on 4 occasions to help pull dead fuel tankers off RoRo ships, did 2 COT demos there and did a 1 week Powerboat course, which was good but had to wear bloody drysuits all week when it was roasting but apart from that, cant help you.
Jaydee, I spent 16 years in Marchwood as a Navigator/Mariner then went into ARTD (Recruit training) and now I am in Army HQ, so I should be able to help you out here............Ser........Requirements..............Remarks1 Career Entry Requirement GTI Min 50.Colour Perception min CP2 (Holmes Wright Lantern Test).Giving CP1MAQ - GCSE Maths grade A* to D.2 Requirement for Class 3 Pass Class 3 course (10M/CG01).Complete Mariner Log Book entries3 Requirement for Class 2 Minimum 24 months employment experience at Class 3.Complete Mariner Log Book entries Pass Class 2 course (10M/CG02).4 Requirement for Class 1 Minimum of 24 months employment experience at Class 2.Complete Mariner Log Book entries (to be defined).Substantive Cpl for 12 months.Pass Class 1 course (10M/CG03).5 Requirement for promotion to SSgt Substantive Sgt for 12 months.Complete RCL Commanders Course.Sorry if this comes out all wrong as I am typing from DII


Does serving at the REME workshop count?

I am slightly biased as it was my only UK posting and I hated the ******* place.

Other than that I had an enjoyable career.
Once at the regiment, what are the deployments like?, to where?, Onboard what? How long/often?

Occasionally a sunshine tour will come up in Belize, the Med or other sunny clime, but these are rare, you'll probably find that most of your early career will be spent maintaining kit in Marchwood or chugging around the solent between Southampton and Portsmouth. If you get in quick you might get to go to Cyprus and do a 3 month stint as a decky on the last RCL out there, don't know how long we will keep hold of that though, you could just as easily end up in Scotland for a few months. In the past the regiment has deployed vessels in support of hurricane relief efforts in Haiti and also to Tristen Da Cuna to support the reconstruction of a jetty, so there are some interesting trips that crop up occasionally. Trips away can vary in length generally no longer than 6 months (such as a stint in the Falklands) or 4 months cruising the med Looky here or 5 days hanging around the isle of white.

What are the promotion prospects? and civilian qualification gained?
If you are already qualified as an MCA commercial Skipper, you shouldn't have issues with any of the trade courses, and if you are any good then promotion every few years shouldn't be impossible, trouble is promotion isn't just based on how well you can drive a boat.
Tristan De Cunha, that was an awesome trip, one of my best and one of my last before I left the Regt, loved belize (before Rosies was burnt down), lived in Cyprus. I've only been away from the trade 5 years and I bet its all changed now. And as for promotion as Bovril says, its not all about driving, its a small trade and very incestuous, just watch your back and I'm sure you'll have a great time there.
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