17 Liabour members face the beak for voterigging

From the BBC News website:

Perhaps some interim control orders could be imposed on these Labour activists to prevent them having anything to do with the forthcoming election. After all, "reasonable suspicion" is all that is required and I would term vote rigging as an attempt to subvert the democratic process, and therefore terrorist-related. :twisted:

Vote fraud trial calls activists

Seventeen Labour Party members have been asked to answer charges of electoral fraud.

An election commissioner invited activists to answer allegations of corrupt and illegal practices during council elections.

Six Labour councillors in Birmingham have been accused of abusing postal votes in the 2004 poll.

Deputy High Court Judge Richard Mawrey QC has finished hearing the second of two petitions lodged against the six.

He said he had a duty to identify all persons guilty of such offences.

Their names, he said, would be included in a report sent to the House of Lords for consideration following the trials, with the result that they could be barred from voting or standing for election for the next five years.

Mr Mawrey said a "considerable body of evidence" had been presented during the first petition, brought by the People's Justice Party against Labour councillors in Bordesley Green, showing that Declarations of Identity forms, which accompany postal ballot papers, had been forged.

The judge served notice on 17 Labour Party members and two other people related to one or other of the Labour councillors, under the Representation of the People Act 1983.

He said: "I am giving them the opportunity to appear before me today to show cause why I should not name them in the report."

Mr Mawrey said he was invoking a legal process which was probably last used in the 1890s.

Sixteen of the 19 people notified of proceedings were represented in court on Monday.

The judge, who is presiding over the hearing at the Birmingham and Midland Institute, will start hearing evidence in each case on Tuesday.
This was almost an inevitability with the postal voting system. And this is only the provable abuse. The undetectable abuse takes place in large families (usually asian) , where the patriarch gets the whole family round to cast their vote in his presence and for whom he decides. It is reckoned that one ,man can control up to 100 votes this way.

I'm not anti-asian or in any way BNP-sympathetic, but if you look at the names of the Councillors accused of ballot-rigging, they all come from the asian community and represent areas with a large asian population.
Tribal loyalty?? or am i just a cynic? :?
It is A_S , and loyalties by marriage etc.

No it's not anti boothroyd, I made the same points last year?

Only 17 , this must be the first batch, they'll be dobbing each other in like b astards now.
From Arbuthnot thru the pantheon of names to Zeal, an Englishmans word was once his bond [In the general scheme of things]. A general erosion of integrity has gradually permeated our society which is now due I feel IMHO, in no uncertain part to the multicultural make of of the Mother Countrie's society. [One of the reasons I live abroad now is that conversely I feel more 'British' - quite apart from the fact that I said I would leave if ever Labour came to power - and I did!]

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