17 In march

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Desborough, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. While i was looking for a few links for a user :) i come accross some things myself.

    I will be well into 17 and a half when i join, Do i join as a junior or not, Because i noticed as a junior your there traning for like 24 weeks.,

    And the normal 17+ is 14 weeks,?

    Andrew :p
  2. Age is not an issue - you can join the Army via Standard Entry from 16+, and Junior Entry 16-17.1 ;)
  3. Jarrod,.

    Which English language would that be,?
  4. Welsh.. His name is Jarrod ;)
  5. Well im not that good at english too be honest I just dont like using slang like "u" and basic "txt" Format.:)
  6. Don't blame you.. u isn't part of the English language anyway..

    Has anyone encountered someone that says 1nce.. DUH!
  7. Can't fault you there I suppose, good drills.

    [nowah] punctuation needs a bit of work though! [/nowah]
  8. Well i havnt come across that one before, What the hell does it mean :?
  9. Maybe we should have a punctuation and grammar forum board, and everyone could discuss it to their heart's content... ;)
  10. Hahah,


    And thanks Bradders for the info.

    Does it mean i can join, and miss the 24 weeks basic training. Meaning i do the 14 weeks instead :?
  11. Standards man, standards! Are you suggesting that the rest of the forum are left to their own devices, to butcher and malign the Queen's English?

    Go run yourself a cold bath, sah, before you completely take leave of your senses!
  12. You do not have to go via the Junior Entry option - you can go via the Standard Entry option open to anyone 16+ :)
  13. Bradders- So do i have to just mention it to my Recruiting Officer?
  14. Yes, you would just say to your Recruiting Sgt - ''I don't want to go Junior Entry...'' LoL ;)
  15. And your not taking the biscuit with this..... :?