.17 HMR or .17mach2 micro cals

i'm thinking of a new rim fire rifle for plinking, silhouette and small game hunting.

i have been reading up a lot about the new .17 cals out, .17HMR and the .17mach2
which is considered the best or most practical out of these two new micro cals?

has anyone had any practical experience with either of these? especially on the vermin?
can you enter standred .22 silhouette shooting comps with one?

i'm thinking of a Ruger 77/17 HMR Varmint with a laminated stock, theres one in the local gunshop second hand that i can get a deal on.
i'v owned a few Rugers, always had a good run with them over the years, is there anyother rifle make in .17HMR that you would consider better?

so many questions,

hope you can share some experience


Never owned or shot a .17 rimfire but - as they say on tv- I
know a man who does.
He shoots rabbits regularly and claims that point of impact at 80 yards is point of aim.

I should see him later today and will ask for more details- bullet weights etc, etc
PM you later.


Not sure if the 17 cals are available here in semi autos. I have been waiting for an answer and all the trade write ups of each cartridge seem to mention using bolt action rifles. If the round is permitted in semi (it is rimfire after all, but since when did logic and the home office appear positively in the same sentence?) then the new short 10/22 would be the way to go with a variation allowing barrels in each calibre. The SAKO Quad does this! The new short ruger has no front barrel band so improving harmonics and all the other bull you think about in floated barrels.
Ideally one of each would be desired and then it is only the reason behind each. Dont worry about similar calibres etc, you can use different for different targets etc. I own 8 22 rf and am waiting another to add to the collection.
That doesnt really answer your question but there were some good write ups on each variation of the 17 rf recently. I still love the 17 centre fire.
the ruger i'm looking at is the m77 bolt action,

if anyone is making a semi in .17hmr i sure would be interested in one.

good thinking on the 10/22 and having an interchangable barrel for .17mach2, now thats an interesting idea.
make good rim fires ruger, best bit is the rotary mag,

i'v never had a .17centerfire, few mates of mine swear by them,
A semi-auto 0.17" is section 5 (prohibited weapon). The legislation specifically states that semi-autos can only be in 0.22". Therefore 0.22" Rimfire and 0.22" magnum semi-autos are section 1 and 0.17" HMR and Mach 2 are not. Logic has little to do with it...

I was chatting to a fellow shooting club member on the range yesterday who shoots a lot of 0.17" HMR. He described it as 'God's gift to bunny bashers' - little holdover to 120 metres and drops them very cleanly. His only negative comment was that they are rather loud - even with a moderator in place.

Oh yes - he also said that the rounds are fairly pricey!
The HMR is faster and flater than the Mach 2 they are supersonic so a bit more noise than a .22 with subs. Go for the Sako Quad and get both barrels as well as the .22 and .22 mag.

I have a space on my ticket for the HMR that will be getting filled soon

Gun_Nut said:
He described it as 'God's gift to bunny bashers'
excellent, thats what i wanted to hear

Gun_Nut said:
Oh yes - he also said that the rounds are fairly pricey!
that bit i'm not so keen on :wink:

cheers for the response fellas :)
I have a .17 HMR Marlin matched with an Artemis 2000 7 x 50 scope and Harris bipod. 4 x buns and a crow out to 150m last night for 5 shots! The combo is mustard, providing you stay in and drink beer or something when its windy. Still conditions, 17grain balistic tip and a very lethal weapon indeed! Dont shoot bunnies under 30 yards though or you ruin them, go for headshots every time, no probs then! 20 grain FMJ hollow points for Hare or Charlie. Heart/Lung shot dropped Charlie poleaxed @ 125m. Mine is moderated, nil recoil but still very noisy, without moderator, it is small centrefire crack, much louder than .22 rimfire and much more use!

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