16yr old PCSO !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by veritas, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Looky here PCSO

    16yr old approaches gobby 18yr old chav, what outcome do you think that will have? Colour me cynical .
  2. Debate on BBC Radio 2 NOW
  3. "Some young people who are 16 can join the Army, so if they are mature enough to do that, they are mature enough to patrol the streets" (Paraphrased)

    Anyone else flare their nostrils at that one?
  4. Yeah, but at 16, in the army, you don't get posted to places where you get shot at (like Manchester!!)
  5. Heres what the uniforms will look like;

  6. Im actually more concerned that the training is being deemed as "similar".
  7. No night fighting for me mein fuhrer, mum likes me home in time for tea.
  8. Yeah. That isn't the point. These individuals may be (although probably aren't) mature enough to patrol the streets. At the same time, they're 16 years old and in the eyes of just about anyone else are children. It's hard enough for an adult to gain any kind of respect with a PCSO uniform on. A 16 year old, in my opinion, is just asking for trouble.
  9. exactly. They may well be up to the job but the people they will be dealling with, on the whole, are going to chew them up and spit them out and then what ? Compensation?
  10. It is quite strange but I would suggest that they would be partnered by a senior PCSO for quite a while and helped to mature into the job, with back up from the police. For all you know these 16 year olds could be 17 stone Rugby playing brick sh*t houses and mature lads for their ages. Seems a bit of a advertisement spin though as there must be plenty of 20+ unemployed people out there looking for a JOB, or maybe not. Hope everything goes well for them and that they are keen enough to do a good job and be a good deterent to the CHAV scum they were probably at school with. Maybe they were the hard boys of the school and the chav CNUTS wont mess with them. Good luck to them both.
  11. Has the gender of these two guardians of law & order been stated?

    For some reason the thought of a 16yr old young pert filly in PCSO uniform is strangely errm interesting.
  12. I have to agree with RFUK, they would get hosed over. Gortex on then eh! Even with a chaperone, the senior would watching his prodege as well as the armed gunmen running out of the post office in Mankistan.
  13. While I applaud the kids for stepping forward... I can't shake the feeling that a sixteen year old lacks the experience and discipline to react properly in tense situations and this program may be paving the way for a tragic incident.
  14. And perfectly legal, of course, as long as they are 16.

    I wonder if the uniforms are rubber, and they're blond with huge tits.....
  15. I don't think for 1 minute that these 2 will be in any danger,just imagine the H&E backlash if any thing did happen to them,I am more p1ssed off at the waste of wages that this causes.How could these 2 be the best choice out of all those that applied? (the others must have been utter shite)