16th Regiment Artillery

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Little_Timmy, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. My man is hoping to join the 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, he had a chat with our local AFCO and they said it's extremly hard to get into as its the best in the best regiment in the country. If anything has spurred him on even more. He cant wait to have a go at one of those guns with a moving head thing on the top. We saw one at an air show and I could see the moment he saw it he fell in love with it. Which I think is fantastic to have such a good interest in your job.
  2. Splendid....good luck to you both! When you see the Gunners tell them we said Hi!
  3. Confused here, Artillery/RAC, EH.
  4. Must be a Waaah!
  5. Ah juss lurve flying those thar tanks

  6. Hmmm.... A wind up me thinks. 16RA, currently equipped with Rapier FSC. Possibly the least sophisticated Regiment within the Royal Regiment as most of the Gunners are mad Jocks and the officers tend to be rather 'nerdish' and amongst the most 'corps like' of any of the fellows of the Royal Regiment.

    And I am speaking as a former cloudpuncher (22RA, so bad they disbanded it) and a steam gunner (4RA).
  7. Probably the most amusing thing I'll see in print this year.

    Probably the second most amusing thing I'll see in print this year.
  8. I wonder what Cap badge the recruiter was wearing.
  9. Im geussing he was an ex-gunner who served the so called "best" maybe?
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ha Ha Ha funny that about 16 Regt RA, I was there for a while and 22, dread do I know you, I was a steamie too
  11. Hmm 3 posts... only 1 visible... other two are where... hmm ;)
  12. Looks like Geordie-Hussar has a new recruit to train,or maybe the Artillery will take Little -Timmy´s `Man`with open arms! :twisted: :lol: