16th of march attended ARS this was the result..

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by just_jay, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. on the 16th of march i attended ARS. i passed and all was fine untill the day i get home i feel realy awful.and go to bed next daying i sound like a 60 yr old smoker who bin smoking since he was 10 and being sick when coughing i thought might just be a bit of a chesty cold go with in a week ... and next week weeks past:p and i went doctors ... and i got told "take some cough mixture and rest "... weeks past and it still has not gone... MY DILEMA

    when i run , it feels asif my lungs collapse on me even short run im left coughing and spluttering everywere.. so itis impossible to get training.. ive bin doing weight training. i am not going to be fit enough for PHASE 1 on 02.09.07 what do i do...
  2. Go back to your doctor. If necessary, ask for a second opinion.
  3. cheerz stab... but i mean what shall i do army wise...

  4. Learning to write properly would be a start.