16th air assault

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by b_ollo_cks, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Been reading Soldier magazine and noticed that an Int Corps SSGT serves in a maroon beret. Do many Int Corps people serve in the 16th air assault brigade?
  2. A similar amount as found in every other regular brigade.
  3. How do you get to do that?

    Apply when u get to a unit?
  4. When your diction improves they let you.
  5. Is that the same as 16 Air Assualt Brigade?

    And as it stands, I don't think there are any Corps SSgt's in 16 AAB.
  6. However, many units now allow airborne/commando/SF trained personnel to wear their posh lid whether
    the Unit itself is 'special' or not. So your man may not actually be with 16 AA.
  7. Surely it has a Brigade HQ Int & Sy Section
  8. doesn't mean it necessarily has a staffy. think it used to be WO2, Sgt, few juniors, working for SO3 G2 (not sure there was even an OC, might have depended which Bde). but i suspect that has all changed now, and they might have multiplied in size with FAS etc...
  9. 16 Brigade have a maroon beret?
  10. More importantly - is THAT the same as 16 Air Assault Brigade?

    "eye spy" but, "eye dont spell" maybe?
  11. how many times did you double check that before you finally posted it bravo, you pedantic soul you :)
  12. Only lots....

    Well, check my profile / extra info....

    "Chairman, The Society of Pedants (formerly The Pedants' Society; formerly The Pedant's Society; formerly The Pedants Society)"
  13. The Unit was (and as far as I know is) 89 MI Sect, though it has probably have changed and gone all American like all the other MI Sections are...


    In regards to the SSgt at 89 - if you can obtain the original article you will know why he was in Soldier Mag - quite an acheivement. He has now been posted and will no doubt have retired the beret - he wasn’t to keen on wearing it, unlike some who were regularly clocked giving it the big one at Bn/Coy Concentrations - you know who you are. Additionally IMO he is a good egg - bit barking but most of us are.... wibble.

    The section (89) will as you point out probably increase due to FAS not 100% on the current manning there but know there is a WO2 - a not sure that the current incumbent is the ideal choice........ a handful of Sgts, Full screws and plenty of lance jacks.

  14. Quite right, wide boys cutting around with there Maroon Berets and wings......... wait no thats right just beret's man.... just berets :x
  15. Surely, 16 Air Assault is a misnomer.

    They don't fly anywhere and have not assaulted anything!!!!!