16th Air Assault redeploy to afghan october 2010

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gnilpik, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. It was announced by janes defence news that after discussions with army officers,16th AA will deploy in october for there 3rd tour.They will be replaced by 3 commando brigade there after.
  2. I was told last week by the NAAFI manageress.
  3. We are on a rotation?...this was known on the last tour!
  4. ah yeah,I knew it would be 2010 some time, but didn't know for sure.I just passed ADSC,and got paras,so im not in the know.Im not getting overly excited about the paras yet as its going to be a challenge,trying to be realistic,but I will give it my all,cheers.
  5. How many Brigades are 'Eligible' for Afghanistan ?
  6. Er, what's teh big whoop about 16 Air Assault going out?

    ALL the Brigades in teh British Army will take a turn (bar the TA and G1/G4 ones).
  7. No-one is making a big deal of it you bellend.
  8. Why is this even on a thread - there's nowt fantastic about 16 AA going in - more than capable of inflicting harm on her majesties enemies, just like every other bde that's been there......

    Now, if they jumped in as a bde(+) with all their assets, that would be interesting - but as we know, they don't jump in anymore, apart from on exercise, when the airframes are available, when the weather is good, and there's enough money for aviation fuel......!
  9. Because some mong posted it. A mong a little like you I suppose.

    Well I suppose there is the fact that 3 PARA will be on their third tour out there to most infantry units one tour.

    Though it doesn't bother me.
  10. It is very old news, they knew they were going just like every other brigade unit etc months ago, very old old and pointless news
  11. Well, it does seem to have been reported and then put on a thread here...

    Only your 3rd tour? You need to get some time in mate. :D

    Surely after all this time, there can't be that many Inf units that are still on one tour. (excluding those that may have been going to Iraq all the time).
  12. Yes. Reported by some cock who is probably i civvy.

    Then all of a sudden the anti-16AA outrage bus comes along! :roll:
  13. I'm not aware of any battalion that has completed 2 Herrick tours besides 3 PARA and 42 Cdo.
  14. 1WFR (now 2 Mercian)- still there though so not "completed" yet.
  15. I've just had a Scout around and Imust admit I can't find any units saying they have been more than once....

    2 MERCIAN appear to be ONLY on their first tour!!! I just checked the Mercians a minute ago.... Did they do any tours as 1 WFR?

    That is strange because I thought most Inf Bns would have been up to 3 - 4 tours of Iraq or Afghanistan...

    Me being a humble scaley about to depart on Afghan Part IV.