16SR Public Duties?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by arse-eye, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Is this true? The Royal Corps will have the honour of guarding her Maj?

    Does anybody have any more info?
  2. More like a 1 Bde responsibility, tho' 16SR has first stag.
  3. Last time was 95 IIRC for 16 Sigs. I had the pleasure(!) of sitting next to the then CO on a flight back to Germany when he visited them.
  4. It would explain why the have a 'drill' club in Walse FFS

    Lets get our priorities right: comms that work 1st, public duties 2nd! :pissedoff:
  5. Yep its true. 16 sigs have 3 months stagging on outside Windsor Palace, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and St James'. Training started today.

    Apparently its because the Guards have been overloaded with Op Tours. We're even sending females!
  6. Don't feel special/hard done by, guys. They've got every man and his badly drilled dog standing in for the slashed peak ones. Even the Navy and the Jamaican Defence Force are having a stag...

  7. LOL......what is the point of the brigade of guards then???? Oh bollox - what a shambles...
  8. The Coldstreams who are off to Afghan, the Welsh currently stationed in Banja Luka, the Irish who are deploying to Iraq or the Scots who are playing with Warriors in Germany?
  9. So what are the Grenadiers doing then??
  10. well they'll probably been guarding the palace if they are looking for replacements due to future op commitments
  11. Afghan in the spring apparently
  12. Herrick, very soon.
  13. That's quite a catchy phrase there mate, although you might want to substitute somewhere a bit more pleasant if you want it to catch on....

    Hmmm... what about "Paris" as an alternative?


  14. Lucky them

    Did 3 months when the Corps last had the honour in 1995. Yep there was a lot of prep, but the 3mths in London in the middle of summer made up for it.

    Happy Days
  15. Fewer French in Afghan - one of its many selling points.