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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by David2008, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering, for an AAC soldier to join 16 air assault does he have to go through all-arms P-coy first?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  3. Ok thanks.
  4. Speak to Blobmeister he will answer all and any queries just do not ask him about WEBTEX
  5. Why, their not para,their air assault
  6. I dont think it's so common nowadays but some AA units think it's 'right' for their troops to have done P company. Complete rubbish.
  7. It took less than 10 seconds to type 16aabde into google and come up with the list below (as at 2007) :x :x

     16 Air Assault Brigade Headquarters and Signals Squadron (216)
     2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment (2 Para)
     3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment (3 Para)
     1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment
     3 Regiment, Army Air Corps
     4 Regiment, Army Air Corps
     9 Regiment, Army Air Corps
     7 Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (7 Para RHA)
     23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault), Royal Engineers
     7 Air Assault Battalion, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
     21 (Gibraltar 1779-1783) Air Defence Battery, 47 Regiment, Royal Artillery
     13 Air Assault Support Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
     16 Close Support Medical Regiment, Royal Army Medical Corps
     156 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
     89 Airborne Close Support Military Intelligence Section, Intelligence Corps
     The Pathfinder Platoon

    There are currently 3 AAC Regts in 16 Bde and not very many of them are Para trained

    For that matter there are a significant number of soldiers across the AIR ASSUALT Bde that are not para trained

    How many more times will the same old questions keep appearing :twisted:
  9. Yeah I did end up finding that info a few hours ago on the army website, thanks anyway.
  10. So a bit of a nugatory question then 8O

    Not a totally wasted exercise, at least you have learned to “google” :roll:
  11. Don't ask Tiger stacker anything unless it's about ND's into Serbia!!
  12. 5 SCOTS have been disbanded then?
  13. No.............just been CDT'd again!!! :twisted: :D
  14. Look closly at Tiger Stackers' quote :wink:
  15. Point A. I think you will find I said 10 second search as at 2007 (therefore not very detailed, sort of proving my point of it being a bone question)

    Point B. Look at Tiger stackers insert (clue the one without the bullet)

    Point C. …………………………(fill in the blanks) :p