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  1. Can anyone tell me which TA medical units work with 16AA. I want to do p coy, and ive been advised to transfer to a unit that is already working with 16AA.
  2. Cheers mate. You wouldnt happen to know where they are located would you? I cant find a website listing all their locations.
  3. 144 Parachute Medical Sqn (V)
    2 Priory Rd
    N8 7QT
    Tel: 0208 3413664
    Website: www.army.mod.uk/dms/144_med_sqn/index.htm

    B (220) Medical Sqn (V)
    TA Centre London Road
    Kent, ME20 6DB
    Tel: 01732 842424

    I think there's a new lot up in Cambridge as well. Also, you could always join 4 para and then become an RMA (bassically the same as a CMT, just a para cap badge.)

    T C
  4. Hello,

    Do you know something of what these fellas at 144 get upto? Basically I'm a staff nurse working in A&E in London and I'm looking for something a bit more green and warry than a TA field hospital - nothing against them it's just I've no desire to spend my weekends doing exactly what I do all week! The fitness and challenge side of being airbourne qualified obviously appeals to me. Is there a strong chance of being sent out in may with 16 without being P-Coy stamped?


  5. As a Parachute Sqn you collect casualties within the 16AA Bde area and treat Casualties sufficiently to either survive evacuation or return them to duty. This means that they deal with everything from sending battle casualties to a field hospital to treating ring sting.

    I Think that's about all the detail that I can safely go into. Your best bet is to phone them up.

    I cant say for sure (as I'm not in a Para unit) but the chances of actaully having to do an operational jump are very slim at the moment so I think that you could probably still deploy without having done P company. But I'd call them all the same.

    T C
  6. Thanks for the speedy Info - I'll give them a call next week.


  7. Thanks 4 the info mate. Im based in sunderland so it doesnt look like i would be able to serve with 144, and im a nurse rather than a cmt, so i wouldn t be able to go down the rma route.

    It looks like its back to the drawing board for me :(
  8. If it helps and I appreciate it might not given the distances involved 144 Para Sqn also have detachments in Nottingham and Glasgow which are (slightly) closer to you than London. You can call them on 0115 978 6932 and 0141 2245155.
  9. Cheers mate! Ive got a mate in glasgow so that might be a it more do-able (somewhere to doss on a sunday night!). Tuesday nights would be a struggle tho!
  10. Dauphin33

    I'm an RN and I chose to join the TA as a CMT, back in the 80's (!) I was in 144 PFA as a CMT. There was at least one other RN who chose to masquerade as a CMT (despite being an RN). I didn't want to be an officer and I didn't want to go near a field hospital, it seemed to be the right decision at the time.
  11. 144 Para Med Sqn HQ is in London and there are detachments in Nottingham, Glasgow and Cardiff. If you want to join http://www.reserve-forces-london.org.uk/1052/default.htm gives a bit of info, otherwise just phone ahead and rock up on a training night (usually Tuesday). They welcome everybody, you don't need to have a medical background. Being a RGN etc. is definitely a bonus though. Everybody does need to pass P coy however but the unit will help you train for this. Excellent unit, thoroughly recommend it.