16AA Bde No Afghan Permission

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scammel-starter-button, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. The word on the Strasse is 16AA havent got the official sanction from MOD to deploy to Afghan next year, equipment is not ready and major units will literally miss the boat.

    Comd 16 has taken the matter into his own hands and pushed for unit training and back door equipment prep, but is this really the way to do business after all the deplyments in the last 10 years?

    Sounds a very similar situation to Sep 02 - Jan 03 before Telic
    (Remeber that f**king nightmare, no you're not going, no you're not going, yes! you are going why arnt you prepped?)

    And before Macedonia in 2001

    Are the MOD Manderins really this stupid?

    Do they have any realisation of the effect on the depolying units where operational readiness is concerned?

    And more importantly the effect on the morale of the blokes, has it been this thin before? i dont think so.
  2. So, things haven't changed since I got out then :roll:
  3. Another round of UORs!

    Defence contractors will have a very good Christmas in 2006.
  4. but the best thing has got to be that the uk signed up to increase its troops in Afghan about 2 years ago, as part of the expansion of the ISAF mission (includes the ARRC deployment), so it is def going to happen - the gov just don't want to admit it yet.
  5. Whatever happend to the 7 P's. Also what happend to keep your kit packed away and ready to go when your not using it just incase we get bumped out. People have stopped doing it at personal kit level and it spreads upwards. Two words for them BAD ADMIN.

    How many of you have your Bergan and webbing packed minus "AMMUNITION" food water and socks???

    Edited because i am a Crow
  6. And I hope minus Ammunition... unless its all changed since I was in.... good luck to all of you going out there, when they finally decide who to send, keep your heads down and God Speed
  7. planning is already in place, and i'd say sanction by the mod has been given, just waiting till last minute so that they can turn it into a cake and arsse party like normal.
  8. like the last two Bde op depoyments then,

    both times 216 QM had to supply the ALL the ammo to the Bde in the first month of both

    Macedonia and Telic, thats why we were doing convoy escort with a pistol with 2 rounds in Kuwait Jan 03
  10. You are joking??
  11. I don't think he is. We had the same probs with 1ADSR. Picked up dets off the boat. 2 pax armed with minimal ammo.
  12. Disgusting would be an understatement! How on earth are people expected to do their jobs without the correct equipment!
  13. How long an answer do you want?
  14. This is where the British Army really DOES shine - the ability of the blokes to make the best of what they have got, in the face of the increasing stupidity of UK plc taking most of what they need away!!

    Shame it couldn't be the other way around - give the blokes everything they need, and see how much better they perform..... :?

  15. Bring back Active Edge & Unit Readiness States!