165 port regiment

Discussion in 'RLC' started by siggy, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. anyone got an opinion on the 165 port regiment in portsmouth? they are they reserves there, may be joining them but would like to hear what people think of this regiment.
  2. I was on cse with 2 lads who were in the port unit from Grantham they have a great time down there by all accts although it's a specialist unit they seem to be able to do as many w/e's course etc as they can get in
  3. I posted on another threa on the subject that I heard (stress heard) that 165 was turning into an Independent unit rather than a specialist one

    Also I believe they have a healthy turnaround of troops in Iraq due to the role. There is at least one ex-member on here so I will back of as he will have better info
  4. yeah i heard they were going independent too, read your post in ta forum and someone pm`d me this info also, would be nice to hear from that other guy that was in the 165 reg, would like to know how long and often deployments typically last, and what role we would have.
  5. From what I have been told, again I am not in the unit so its hearsay, but they deploy in trained role, Port and Maritime activities, to Umm Qasr (spelling?) which is the big port down there in loading and offloading frieght etc, pretty much what they do at Marchwood.

    Again need someone there to anwer, I only know about them as my unit shares a TAC with one of the Sqns
  6. There RHQ and one independant squadron are based at Blighmont Barracks Southampton. The other two squadrons are specialists based in Grantham. Almost all their training is undertaken alondside 17 Port and Maritime (sport and pastime) Regiment RLC based in McMullen Barracks Marchwood. 17 Reg have a half decent website on www.army.mod.uk which will show you what they get up to.
  7. why do people call it sport and pastime, is it insinuating that its all play no work?
  8. LOL you just answered your own question
  9. sounds good to me then?
  10. Shooting team qualified for Bisley, top Army cross country skiing team and a downhill team, champion canoeists, successful climbing team, triathlon team, semi finalists on the Community Shield (rugby) and winners of the Portsmouth League (rugby), winning offshore sailing team (Fastnet race entry next year for the Army)..........of yes and a football team that loses more than it wins.

    Sport and Pastime its the jewel in the crown!
  11. Oh yes i chose the right regiment, are the t.a. part of this elite squad, could i get involved in these sports and pastimes, would i have to shell out dollars for such experiences? or do you really get paid to play?
  12. Don't be fooled. It is very much a "work hard, play hard" unit. One of the best postings I've ever had. It was a few years ago now but they also had some of the best tug-o-war teams in the forces.
  13. what was your trade floppyjock?
  14. I transfered over to 275 railway sqn who are part of 165 about a year ago, Ive only done a couple of weekends with the rest of 165 but they seem a good bunch, if sports your thing and you can get plenty of time off to do it then this is the unit for you, this past year theres been oppotunities to goes freefall parachuting in spain, scuba diving, sailing and theres a ever present x country skiing team as well, give it a go, you know you want to!
  15. Movcon