160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Videos

Trip_Wire said:
160th SOAR(A) The best helicopter unit in the world! (Night Stalkers)


The Army Air Corps and 45 Commando Royal Marines Bungee Cord Apache Riders (Motto 'No Medals for Royal, it's part of their job!) may beg to differ. :D
Jesus, spare me the 'Speshul' Yanks, everyman and his dogs got more Badges/Flashes and wings than a Full Dress Regimental Parade of the Legion of Frontiersmen
3/4 of the clips on the youtube link are merely a collection of company/promo vids and arent strictly the 160th.

If spec ops is considered as hovering at 200' over the threat then yep, dead sphesul. :roll:
Just as expected another dull slideshow with music some bored person threw together and put on youtube. Leave it to the resident dullard tripe_wrinkle to find it and link it here.
I laughed my C#@ off whilst watching footage of Ex Sgt Major of the Army and Delta Force veteran Brian Jones giving testimony at the Congressional Hearing into the US Armed Forces 'Don't Ask Don't tell' Policy.
He was talking about how disgraceful it would be for a Heterosexual Speshul Forces soldier to have to skin to skin contact with a Homosexual comrade in a Buddy Buddy keep warm or die situation.
I thought to myself and this is the worrying bit. ""Add 20 years and thats old Trippy"
Good grief man can you Americans (I group you in with the rest due to your Formation patch avatar) sink any lower in the depths of depravity.
Gumjobs from a wrinkled Speshul Forces veteran (Alleged) and **** with one of the sites biggest contenders for the 'Cock Jockey of the Year' Award, could a persons sex life get any worse?
Well you could always try sharing a sleeping bag with Brian Jones, just don't go getting 'Aroused' he'll go all 'Delta Force on yo' ass'.
The clips and this thread do the 160th no justice at all. Good bunch of fella's, work hard, play hard. No budget constraints and all the latest whizz-bang equipment hanging off the side of your ride. Not a bad way to spend 20 years if a career in US Army Aviation is for you.

Sorry to interupt the Yank bashing, please continue.

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