160 transport reg

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mcguire123, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Hi can anyone give me an idea of what these guys get up to on weekends?
    Im currently a reservist within RLC but thinking of transferring, as a driver.
    I know they are based at Grantham, and as a national i guess the requirement for MTD's is less?
    Any info would be appreciated, its just a general natter im after which may help me make my mind up.
    Im an HGV driver in civvy street.
  2. I joined 160 Tpt Wksp REME at Grantham as they were resurrected in 1996. At the time they were a National TA Transport Regt on DROPS. They did 19 days a year which was made up of a standards weekend, an out of camp training weekend and annual camp. They were a great unit to be part of with some excellent officers (one of which used to serenade the offrs mess with his bagpipes at early O'Clock to make sure they were up for brekkers) & very good seniors, so if you can handle fewer days they would be worth joining.

  3. Hi thanks for response, i have pretty much made mind up now that i will transfer, im in the autumn of yrs now, but would still like to get in one or two cheeky trips.
    Thanks for your help.