16 years ago SNLR - wanting to join MPGS.

Hi there,

Some years ago, 16 to be exact I was discharged out of the army under SNLR -Services No Longer Required. It was the usual thing really - a bit of absence, a bit of scrapping, I was a complete prat to be honest but I think the unit had just lost patience with me.

Shortly after I joined the T.A where I spent the next four years(93-97). Rejoined same unit in 2000 and left Dec 2008 due to my current part time occupation being deemed incompatible with the T.A. In that time since the regs I've done UNFICYP tour in 1996 and Telic 2 June 03 - Jan 04.

The question is, if I apply for the MPGS - is it unlikely to succeed because of those indiscretions years ago? Or, alternatively, will my TA service be looked at as a kind of 'redemption' if you get my meaning? Also, as some will have surely figured, I'm in the Specials so I'm not a bad egg.

I've always regretted chucking a bloody good career away - Royal Signals to be exact, and I do think a lot about the guys I trained with at 11 and 8 Sigs all those years back. Infact, if you passed out of 11 Sigs around Oct 1991 I'd love to hear from you please!!

Advice and help appreciated please

Thank you


War Hero
Interesting question.If you had just said SNLR,16 years ago,any chance?Then it would have been a no but the Territorial service and being a Special may well get you a billet.I think you'd be alright and would be taken in.Just be up front with our recruiters and you'll have no dramas.
No idea.....but you seem to have recognised the failures in you career, which is a start. I wish you luck, and hope you succeed.
SNLR is not a catchall. There are different classifications. I was SNLRed a long time ago, but told I was welcome to reapply and it would not stop me rejoining. I then went on to balloon like a mad zeppelin, so it wasn't followed up, but nevertheless SNLR is not NECESSARILY a block.

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