16 year old Turkish girl buried alive

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by midnight, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Well Britain is in the EC and we had Fred West.
  2. What kind of stinking animal could do that to his own kid,
  3. Austria had Fritzel, so Turkey should fit right in, in the EU.
  4. That's pretty fcuked up.

    I wonder if she was fit.

  5. Fair one!
  6. It was a murder. Hardly Turkish government law / policy.
  7. Fritzel didn´t literally bury his daughter he kept her captive and repeatedly raped her,still a monster though.
  8. Fair point eod and I would suggest both are extreme examples, however is it not more to do with the fact she talks to lads and so the family felt she should be punished that is the issue.
  9. Do you think the dad was jealous?
  10. Thanks for the heads up.Have passed the article on to my daughter.
  11. We can't even control our own ignorant types that carry out similar acts of barbarity in the UK.

    Honour killings still happen at home amongst the Asian populous along with African style witchcraft. Perhaps we should, on these grounds, petition the EEC to kick us out?
  12. This is an isolated incident (hopefully) of one extremely nutbar family within Turkey taking their faith and it's (im)moral code to the absolute limits of ridiculousness.

    Given that it's SE Turkey - is that not Kurdish / PKK territory?
  13. Fred West raped and killed his, ok she was dead when burried. Every country has its weirdo's, Turkey is no different.
  14. Not saying it was,It´s just that so-called honour killings are spreading over to Germany where there´s 3 million Turks,and funnily enough Germany is blocking Turkey´s entry to the EEC strongly.A German judge has just sentenced a father to life imprisonment for inciting his son to kill his daughter,normally the youngest son does the killing to get a lighter sentence.Seems that the judges are getting wise to the trick!