16 year old - Infantry or Reme

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jayymayyn, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. This thread has probably done before but :

    I just wanted to know which is the best for me to join in your own opinions

    If i were to join the infantry i would go for the paras

    i want a exciting job but also earn a decent wage and qualifications as after i do leave i would like to join a police force

    Also does having a military past enhance your chancing of becoming a police officer ?
  2. Hello mate. The police don't actually require any academic qualifications for you to apply, so it probably wouldn't make much difference whether you went for infantry or reme. As for previous military experience helping in you joining the police, I'd say yes. I'm a prison officer, and at the prison I work at about 60% of prison officers (give or take) are ex forces, and I often come into contact with the police through work and again many of them have been in the forces. Just out of interest why don't you join the RMP?
  3. As aforementioned RMP sounds like the obviou choice but if you cant choose between Paras and REME, why not consider Parchute Engineer...engineers attached to a Para btn?
  4. Why don't you learn about each job, and do what you want to do, instead of what some random has said on the internet?
  5. I didnt want to join the RMP as you cant go to AFC Harrogate then as the RMP dont have junior entry , also smude im asking opinions as its has helped me now because before i didnt know about the parachute engineer and i would do what i want to do which is the paras's but in the long term when you finally leave the army you dont want to be unemployed as infantry skills aint really going to help you in civvie life while Reme skills will.
  6. You my son need to have a good old research...