16-year-old girl lost all but two fingers - £19k Payout

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Sky News Linky

    Compare this one then ?

    Still got Fingers

    Payout After Pupil Has Fingers Burned Off

    A school has been ordered to pay £19,000 after a pupil had most of her fingers burned off in an horrific classroom incident.
  2. And so my pre-sleep outrage begins.
  3. Be outraged. Be very outraged. For this is.....outrageous.
  4. Well that's ruined the 16year's chance of dishing out hand jobs round the back of the bike sheds
  5. Its not even so much her incident (which is sad)... Its that fecking £400k plus for RSI article again. It makes me want to set fire to my pubes and eat a window! :?
  6. Erm, the story says that £19k (including £2.5k costs) is the amount the school has been fined. It doesn't mention anything about compensation.
  7. Unless i'm missing something the 19k is a fine for the school, not a payment to the girl?

    I assume her compo will be a separate thing
  8. "She had not received proper warning while attempting to make a sculpture of her own hands during the lesson at Giles School in Boston."

    It doesn't take a Degree in rocket science to work out that sticking your hands into a bucket of stuff that will set rock hard is stupid
  9. Beaten to the draw by a pig, the shame
  10. She's a retard and in order to help Darwin along she should have tried to make a sculpture of her womb. Dozy Doris
  11. Have a word with yourselves :x Look at the girls age, how long she will have to live with this then ask yourselves if the outrage bus should be put back in the garage :oops:

    Shame on you :cry:
  12. The stuff going hard isn't the problem - it's the exothermic reaction you get when plaster of paris sets that is the problem.
  13. From the BBC

    Ok so the teacher gave the girl the right information, though not the consequences, which she choose to ignore? Looks like the fine is more for not telling the authorities as, from the sky news link:

    Though i still cant get my head around how they couldn't get her hands out. Smash the lump of plaster off the nearest wall or send somebody to the techy department for a hammer. Break a few bones or the results seen in the pics?
  14. So you didn't get the "don't drink the paint" lecture then?

  15. We're dealing with teachers here, they would have to have done a health and safety assessment before using the hammer and you'd have to have been trained in using said hammer before you were allowed use it.