16 sigs?

Am soon gonna be posted in to 16 sigs, anywhere has to be better than "sunny bulford" just wonderin, anyone know of any upcoming tours etc for 16? whats peoples general opinion on the unit?
Was at 16 Sigs in the mid 90's when it was at JHQ and loved it, i cannot vouch for it now though
Well it's a case of either loving or hating being in the 'Signals Ghetto' with 7, 16 and 280. There's no middle ground from what I've heard.
elmpt is excellent but depends on what rank you are.

the only bar on camp where junior ranks and SNCO's can mix it is in the Bowling Alley.

close to holland, calais in 3 hours.

workload quite high with lots of needless fooking around in between.

like elmpt, hate 16 sigs!
Currently at 16 Sigs and have been for almost three years now. Its a very busy unit and over the next couple of years is going to get busier due to current and future ops tour plans.

16 not only supports the ARRC during its major exercises and in barracks but it also has its own exercises, daily work routine and training.

For me its a great Regiment, one of the best I've ever served in and will be sad to leave. This all does come at a price though, as was said previously, if you are a senior forget any social interaction with your troops on camp because it just doesnt happen due to the **** rules of who can use which bar, unless you want to go bowling. Guess the puzzel palace need to catch up with the times and put some trust in us, after all we are all adults.
scanmanski said:
......workload quite high with lots of needless fooking around in between......
Isn't that the R Sigs in general?
Im a senior serving at 16. Ive been here two years now and its pretty good. I know this sounds balls but it depends on what you make it. If you sit around camp all the time moaning about everything and everyone then you probably fall inline with the prats who do nothing but slag it off. Dont get me wrong it has good points and bad points (like all units).
I agree with the drinking thing though, its kak that as a senior you cant drink with the boys, doesnt stop us meeting for a beer down town though.
Dunno about that drinking thing, bit of a lightweight myself, might be embarrasing when the lads drink me under the table. The one thing that would make it better here would be the powers that be forgot to treat us all like kids, and show some trust in their NCOs, both junior and senior. That said, I still want an early posting, Cyprus please!!
I served at 16 sigs when it was at JHQ, and had a brillant time. A posting is what you make it, becuase it is going to be your home for the next 3 years. I would go back in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy - an absolutely brilliant posting - very good people, excepting some are better then others - you get that all over so don't be disappointed

Ensure you are available for deployment, nonetheless - 12 months min away from family is looming

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